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Richard Ramirez ☠️ the serial killer who forced his victims to swear and loyalty to Satan


   The US authorities called him a "night tracker", Richard Ramirez was one of the most dangerous serial killers in modern American history. He practiced satanic rituals,killing 14 victims.

    The American authorities called him a "night tracker", Richard Ramirez was one of the most dangerous serial killers in modern American history. He practiced satanic rituals, killed 14 victims, raped and tortured a similar number, and stayed for 24 years until he died of lymphoma, After terrorizing the US state of California, and its surroundings.

 Now I'll give you the story of the serial killer and demon-worshiper, Richard Ramirez

    Ricardo "Richard" Muñoz Ramírez, better known as Richard Ramíz, was born in February 1960 in El Paso County in southern Texas, to a Mexican father and mother.

   His father moved to Texas before his birth. He and his brother suffered from the ruggedness of the cop father and the religiously extremist mother.

    Richard also suffered several head injuries in his childhood, which left him with epileptic seizures, from which he was suffering greatly, which affected his social inclinations. 

   And when he was suffering from loneliness and a lack of friends, and his cousin Miguel was one of the most important reasons that made him turn into a serial killer

      His cousin Miguel had the greatest effect on turning him into a criminal

    When his cousin Miguel returned from one of the bloodiest and chaotic wars; The Vietnam War, Richard viewed him as a friend, a tough brother, and an idealistic hero, but it wasn't quite the case.

    The first thing Miguel boasted about in front of his teenage cousin was pictures that he brought with him from the battlefield that showed him accompanied by a group of American soldiers torturing Vietnamese girls and raping them brutally, and then the most brutal photos that contained the girls' heads cut off after torture and rape, and instead of showing Richard Ramiz is annoyed, or afraid of, the impact of these pictures; He later admitted that she aroused some lust within him, a mixture of sexual desire and the desire to control and harm women, which was actually the beginning of the blood stage in his life. Later, his cousin Miguel shot and killed his wife, and he was placed in a psychiatric hospital after spending 4 years in prison, which carried Richard with him with pain that exploded in the next stage.

     From practicing satanism to stealing .. Then the blood flow began

    Ramirez began in his teenage years attracted to drugs, satanic cults and their perverse practices, and began practicing theft and housebreaking. In the early 1980s, Richard Ramirez attempted to rape a woman, and was arrested, but the victim did not complete the trial proceedings and did not testify against him. The charge of attempted rape was dropped.

    In June 1985, the authorities found the decapitated and rape victim of Richard Ramirez's first victim, Jenny Finco, 79.The following year, Ramirez assaulted his second victim, a man in his thirties. He fails to escape Richard's grip when he tries to rescue his roommate, Maria Hernandez, whom Ramirez tries to rape, but she escapes.

    After this incident, the murder craze began to ignite in Ramirez's mind, who moved only at night in the darkness, choosing a victim, and patiently tracking her for a period of sometimes up to months.

    By August 1985, terror spread throughout California after Richard Ramirez raped and killed nearly 10 victims, and later confessed to forcing his victims to swear allegiance to Satan before he killed them, but on the 24th of the same month came the last and major crimes of Richard Ramirez, which caused him to fall into the hands of Security services.

     The last crime and fall of the night tracker

    About 50 miles from Los Angeles, Ramirez was tracking down Eins Erickson, 27, and her fiancé, Bill Carens, 29, and when he had the opportunity, he broke into their apartment, shot and killed Bill, then tortured Ines and forced her into an oath. Loyalty and love to Satan, then he raped her sexually and orally, then tied her up and fled.

    After a period of suffering and trauma, Inez Erickson was able to free herself, and she called the police and gave the exact description of Ramirez, and after several days of investigations, she found his car, which had been stolen in the first place, from which the police obtained his fingerprints, and they identified him. Then he fell into the hands of the California State Police and was imprisoned.

    Richard Ramirez was tried on charges of murder, rape, torture, and storming, and he remained imprisoned awaiting a final verdict between 1988 and 1989, and was declared guilty, but after several objections raised by Ramirez and his lawyers; He succeeded in suspending the deathsentence for 24 years, until he died of lymphoma.