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Facts about the Samsung empire



Facts about the Samsung empire

1- The first information

  Samsung was founded in 1938, while Apple was founded in 1977, meaning that Samsung was founded 40 years before Apple. Also, perhaps it is strange to hear that Samsung, in the beginning, was not a Samsung phone or electronics company founded by a Korean farmer named Lee Byung-Chul. The company at that time specialized in selling seafood and not only that, but it was also manufacturing and packing vegetables and fruits and exporting them to many Asian countries. One of the most important of these countries is China, and there was a noodle factory for the company and it had 40 employees, but it quickly jumped into the world of technology and everyone knew the name Samsung by the way, the meaning of the name Samsung is three stars in the Korean language and its founder said that he chose this name for a certain reason, which is that he wants the company to always remain Forever shiny as the stars 

2- The second information

  Samsung doesn't just make phones, televisions, and computers. Samsung is a company that has ten hands Yes, as I heard, it is called the “Empire of Samsung

  There are about 80 companies under the Samsung name. Companies specializing in construction and others in fashion, hospitality, engineering, construction, finance, and chemical industries, and the list goes on until it is they who designed the first KF-16 aircraft.

  And this plane is among the squadron of aircraft for the Korean Air Force and also manufactures ships. Yes, it manufactures about 30 gigantic ships every year.

  By the way, you know, Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world. Samsung Engineering and Construction Company had a major role in building the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, as Samsung was the main contractor in the implementation of this tower.

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3- The third information

  One of the strange situations that happened in the history of the company is that in the year 1995. The CEO discovered that the quality of the products was not good at all and he did not like it, and it was precisely 150 thousand devices. Various poor quality. So the manager Lee at that time collected all those devices and ordered all of them to be placed in a grinding machine. About 150,000 devices worth millions were destroyed, and he did this in front of the eyes of about 2000 employees to give them a lesson for the company, which is the quality of the products that put Samsung in its current global position

  Perhaps this explains another fact, which is that large numbers of international companies buy parts of their phones. And manufacturing them in different factories and then assembling them to sell them, but Samsung has a completely different plan, as it manufactures almost 90% of the parts and parts of its products completely in its factories to ensure the high quality of the products. As for Apple, most parts of its phones are assembled and manufactured in China, but this of course does not negate the quality of Apple devices

Facts about the Samsung empire

4- The fourth information

  Although Apple is a giant company and despite the fierce competition between it and Samsung. However, officially Samsung has the largest number of patents in the field of information technology. More than any other company in the world, with 7,670 patents. You might even be surprised if I told you that even the memory card that is in the iPhone phones is manufactured by Samsung and therefore about 70% of the phones around the world use memory cards manufactured by Samsung, so maybe your device, whatever it was, contains even one Samsung technology

  Also, to learn the power of Samsung in the world of technology, one phone out of three phones is sold around the world every day. To have a Samsung phone means that it controls 30 percent of the global smartphone market, nearly a third

  And it is only in recent years that Samsung has continued to climb in the market in a particularly crazy way. An example is the Galaxy S3 when it was released, and its sales reached 500 devices per minute, meaning approximately 8 devices were sold every second. Its profits reached more than $ 188 billion in 2012. And many experts say that this number will double in the year 2020, approximately a year and a half from now.

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5- The fifth information

  Samsung Corporation has approximately 60,000 employees working in the research and development sector only. In other words, almost the entire city has only employees, so imagine that Samsung spends only one year. Almost $ 11 billion in the company's research and development sector. To always get out to the world with new electronic technologies, and this amount is almost considered a budget for some countries, and with this, the research and development sector takes six percent of all profits

  As for the number of employees, one of the specialized bodies in the classification and evaluation of the performance of international companies. Statistical work at the end of 2013 on the number of employees working in the technology companies controlling the market. In this study or statistics, Samsung dominated the first place with the number of employees estimated at 275,133, or nearly a quarter of a million. Employee is greater than the number of soldiers in the Dutch army, 51,200 soldiers. And there are 178,171 soldiers in the German army combined (February 29, 2016).

6- The sixth information

  2016 has been a bleak black year for Samsung. You heard the news of the Note 7 explosion that people even posted satirical posts about it. On Facebook at that time, because of this incident, Sasomong faced many issues related to the quality of batteries, which caused damage to personalities and property around the world.

  In the United States alone, 100 Note 7 devices exploded and burned their batteries. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has directed to take back all devices, "Galaxy Note 7". Then a similar procedure was carried out in Canada and throughout Europe and Asia. It also stopped charging to areas where the phone had not appeared.

  Phones were exploding in people's pockets for no reason. Or they hold the phone in their hand, which showed many people around the world. The casualties of this matter will make the major airlines in the world. It is strictly prohibited for anyone with a Note 7 to enter the plane

Facts about the Samsung empire

          Well, nowhere is the reason why I switched from Samsung to iPhone

  I have been using Samsung for about five or six years, but only 11 months ago I went to Apple, and there were two reasons. The first reason is that the iPhone from the iPhone 5 and below were all frankly bad, and their designs for me were very miserable and the sizes of the phones were small compared to the size of Samsung phones But after the iPhone S6 and 6 Plus came out with a great design and a large screen here, the company began to like me, so I decided to buy the first iPhone directly a month after its release, which is iPhone 7

  The second reason, which is the strongest reason, and of course everyone admits this, whether those who like Samsung or others, and it is the protection point in Apple, which has stronger protection systems than all Android devices, not just Samsung, and the point is that Android devices are very easy to penetrate if there is a hacker Professional, but for Apple and iOS the matter is very difficult

  Therefore, after long thought, I decided to use iPhone even though I did not start using it well because I am not used to the iOS system yet.