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Digital Medicine Revolution | Musical Digital Drug


musical digital frug

 The world of medicine has been revolutionized with the introduction of digital drugs. This type of medication consists of a computer-based program that is able to deliver personalized and precise doses of drugs in a controlled manner. It has been found to be more accurate than traditional drug delivery methods. Furthermore, it can be administered remotely and with greater efficiency than manual medicines.

 Have you ever heard of digital drugs? Perhaps the term is a bit recent, but it is starting to take its place firmly among netizens, and there are followers of it!

 In the beginning, when we say digital drugs, we do not mean harmful drugs, but rather they took this name because they cause addiction to some users, just like marijuana, hashish, and so on! As for naming it digital, this is because it is circulated in the form of files and data over the Internet. 

1- What are digital drugs? 

 The use of digital drugs has become a popular topic in recent years. A digital drug is a type of drug that can be taken in the form of a computer game. These games are designed to create a feeling of euphoria or relaxation in the player. There is no physical drug that is needed in order for the player to experience the effects of these digital drugs.

 The concept of a digital drug has recently been making headlines due to its potential to revolutionize the world of medicine. Digital drugs, or “smart pills”, are powered by nanotechnology and can be used to detect, diagnose, and treat medical conditions in the body. These drugs have the potential to revolutionize the way we think about medicine by providing a personalized and precise treatment option. By using digital drugs, doctors can respond to medical conditions with greater accuracy and efficacy, making it possible to treat diseases more quickly and efficiently.

 The new field of digital drug research is transforming how pharmaceutical companies and medical organizations understand the development of treatments for various diseases. Research has revealed that digital drugs are a new category of medicines, with properties and functions that are distinct from traditional drugs. Digital drugs are able to store and release their active ingredients in response to an internal or external trigger, meaning they can deliver the necessary dose at the exact time and place required. This innovative approach to the administration of drugs could revolutionize the field of medicine and treatments for various illnesses.

 The digital drug is a new technology in the medical space that is gaining traction. It has the potential to revolutionize how doctors treat their patients and how diseases are managed. The digital drug, also known as 'biological computing

2- What is a digital musical drug

 These are sounds that are believed to be able to alter brain wave patterns and induce an altered state of consciousness similar to that which occurs when taking drugs or achieving a deep state of meditation.

 This condition occurs when two notes of slightly different frequencies are played together. Without headphones, the listener might not notice the slight difference in the two frequencies and mistake it for one note that oscillates slightly. With headphones, the two tones are isolated and the listener can hear each frequency clearly in each ear.

 While the brain processes the two tones as electrical impulses, the slight difference between the frequencies must be taken into account, as this difference is seen as rhythmic beats inside the head.

 These digital frequencies are intended to intentionally control electrical impulses and encourage the listener's brain to synchronize their brain waves with the beats in the ears.

 This synchronization, achieved by selecting binaural tones within a specific frequency level, is called the frequency following response FFF and is part of a concept called entrainment, which is the basis for many types of meditation and biomedical feedback.

 These digital frequencies are known by various names on the Internet, including idosing, where the letter i stands for internet. Binaural video and music downloads can be easily found with an online search.

 As for its first appearance, it was in the year 1839 AD by the physicist Heinrich Dove, after which it was used for therapeutic purposes by stimulating the pituitary gland in the body to increase the production of the dopamine hormone associated with feelings of happiness.

3- What is the point of listening to this kind of music?

digital medicine revolution

 Research indicates that the goal of listening to digital drugs includes the following:    

  •  Improve general mood and increase happines
  •  Feeling drunk without the need for alcohol or having a headach
  •  Improve visualization and imagination skills
  •  Increase confidence and get rid of inhibitions 

 As for the listening ritual, it is said that for the best results the listener should be in a room with low light and in a state of complete relaxation, then close his eyes and play the music through headphones.

 However, addiction to listening to these frequencies leads to isolation from the outside world, in addition to a state of mental delirium, convulsions, and addiction similar to what real drugs cause to the body. For this reason, electronic drug addicts require psychological treatment to help them get rid of it.