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top 10 jobs that will be lost due to artificial intelligence


 It's no secret that artificial intelligence is advancing by leaps and bounds, and is expected to replace more than half of all computer-related occupations within the next 20 years. 

 If you want to stay ahead of the curve, it is important to know about the jobs that will soon replace humans with smart machines!

1- legal assistant

 One of the important functions in the list. With the expectation of huge growth in legal work, the need for legal assistants is expected to disappear until 2028.

 The paralegal's primary role is to monitor court documents and advise clients on their rights and obligations.

 Paralegals may also conduct interviews and research potential witnesses, family members of witnesses, and medical records for the purpose of preparing a case for trial. In addition to assisting lawyers, paralegals can also be involved in resolving day-to-day disputes with clients such as scheduling appointments, among other things.

2- Lawyer

 Like paralegals, lawyers will also become extinct in the next 20 years with the expectation that more than 50% of their tasks will be automated by then.

 The primary role of attorneys is to enforce laws, provide legal advice to clients, and represent their interests in court proceedings.

3- Director of Human Resources

 The role of human resource managers is expected to shrink as artificial intelligence and machine are better in managing human resources in the future.

 Human resource managers interview employees and record information to form a profile of their workforce. Their primary job is to transform human resources into an efficient work force.

4- Customer Service Agent

  Customer service representatives are also expected to be replaced by artificial intelligence soon due to the growing popularity of online shopping and other services.

 In addition, the advent of AI will create competition among CSR services resulting in lower costs for companies with better customer service skills as companies can partner with them.

5- Internet marketer

 Telemarketers are among the least skilled professions in the world. According to a report by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, telemarketers have a customer satisfaction rate of just 63%.

 Because of its notoriety, telemarketing jobs are expected to drop by up to 40% in less than 15 years. Although some people may think that telemarketers will be replaced by artificial intelligence for a long time, it is not so simple.

 As AI becomes more sophisticated, telemarketing will become more personalized and targeted to specific people based on their demographic information. The result will be better customer service including higher conversion rates.

6- Tax advisor

  It is also possible that tax advisors will become extinct after many laws are reformed by the year 2065. This means that not only will tax advisors be replaced by computers, but they will also be replaced by AI-powered systems that will calculate tax rates, issue invoices, and even instruct customers on how to file taxes. their taxes based on the new law.

7- Customer service agent

 Customer service agents are an important part of the service industry, especially the financial sector. Historically, customer service agents have had to handle a large number of calls per day.

 In 2018, this number increased by up to 46%. the reason? This is because customers can now use search engines to find what they need before contacting a service provider.

 Automated systems used by companies can also be accessed over the phone or via social media sites where customers can submit complaints and request services. This trend is expected to continue in 2019 and beyond as more and more people are doing business online.

8- Construction worker

 It is one of the most endangered professions, as more people are willing to pay more for quality homes. Building houses is not as simple as building a wall, so there will be fewer people qualified to do these tasks in the future.

 Moreover, there will be fewer builders as AI becomes better at designing homes with different materials and architectural styles.

9- The cashier

 Store employees are also expected to lose their jobs within the next 20 years due to technological development and smart mechanisms in processing self-payments and reviewing cash registers that make shopping easier and faster.

10- factory workers

 With robots expected to occupy manufacturing jobs within 20 years from today, the profession of factory workers will also become extinct along with other professions.