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10 frightening facts about forest suicide in Japan!


   About 13.5 miles northwest of the majestic Mount Fuji in Japan lies a dense forest that has been dubbed the "Sea of Trees Forest" for its dense trees. But the terrifying history of Japan's natural landmarks made it the perfect setting for filming the horror movie The Forest.No wonder this spot which is known locally as Okigahara is known as the Suicide Forest !

  In this article, we review some frightening and strange facts about the Japanese suicide forest,which is naturally a tourist attraction for those seeking adventure and the smell of horror!

                                     Fishy facts about the Japanese suicide forest!

One of the most suicidal destinations in the world!

  Statistics on suicide rates in Okigahara vary, in part because the forest is so vast that some corpses may go undetected for years or be lost forever.However, some estimates suggest that up to 100 people a year have committed suicide in this spot.

       Japan has a long history and tradition of suicide

  The history of suicide in Japan is associated with samurai, who had suicide rituals believed to be an honor. The history of suicide in Japan dates back to the feudal era.While this practice is no longer a fixed rule, it left a clear imprint and was a reason to convince many who have lost their lives that they are right!

       Terrifying suicide forest terrain!

    Regardless of its bad reputation, the forest has frightening natural features that make it suitable for carrying out this cruel judgment on the soul! Forest trees twist and their roots meander across the ground, forming an intimidating web.

Also, its geographical location near the mountain made its land rocky, uneven and full of caves.

In addition, it is a very quiet place due to the tight tangle of trees that prevents the entry of the wind, which creates a feeling of total isolation.

       Death by hanging is the most common way to commit suicide in Suicide Forest!

If you are wondering about the second most common way to commit suicide in the woods, it is poisoning. Poisoning is often a drug overdose or other lethal poison.

       May the jungle be haunted!

An urban legend spreads among the Japanese that the jungle is inhabited by the souls of those who were abandoned in ancient times.

 It is these ghosts and evil spirits that drive people to commit suicide in revenge, as they seduce them into sadness and loss and ultimately persuade them to commit suicide!

       Annual searches in the forest have been taking place since 1970

Search teams of volunteers are roaming the forest in search of people who can be rescued before the arbitrary death sentence was carried out against themselves. Volunteers stand by the police They combed the woods to return the bodies to their loved ones and bury them properly. And in the early 21st century, it was revealed that 70 to 100 bodies were found each year.

       The forest of suicide is very tangled to the point of being lost

Many volunteers and research teams use long plastic tape around the trees to avoid getting lost in the forest maze. The possibility that someone will be lost in it forever is very possible due to the intense intertwining of the trees.

       GPS and phone networks are not working in the woods

The forest's soil and its rock formations are extremely rich in iron, which is the number one reason for sabotaging GPS service, mobile phone networks, any other network systems,and even the compass system! This is why tape is so important to anyone considering entering the woods.

        Not everyone who visits the jungle is suicidal!

Locals feel distressed because this natural wonder is known above all for its appeal to suicide and death. Many tourists and visitors visit it in order to enjoy its wonderful views of Mount Fuji and visit its prominent landmarks such as the lava plateau.Its distinctive 300-year-old tree, and the magical Narusawa Ice Cave.

       Getting off track could lead to shocking discoveries!

The internet is filled with horrific pictures of the jungle, from abandoned personal belongings to human bones and even more horrific remains strewn across the floor or hanging from branches so, if you intend to go on an adventure across it, make sure to follow the signs and not go out of your path.