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American Football 🏈 the Killer Heads Gamble πŸ‘Š



American Football

  Years have gone by and the dominant force in American football is trying to hide the health damage this sport produces in the heads of its practitioners, years gone by money owners, benefactor politicians, mayors, clubs and others who built this huge empire in the United States of America lie one fact that the game infects its athletes with a fatal disease. In their brain.

    Simply to succeed in a sport where violence is an essential part of its formation, the player must take advantage of the power that his entire body gives him and in American football this power is concentrated in the heads that are intertwined with each other to form with each collision a concussion that tears the brain cells that float on a simple fluid in Heart of the skull.

    In 2002, he encountered Dr. Bennett Omalo, a pathologist of Nigerian origin, in the mortuary working on the body of Pittsburgh Steelers Michael Webster, who died at the age of fifty in mysterious circumstances.

    After Dr. Umalo's insistence on an autopsy of the player's brain, he discovered that he was suffering from massive tears due to the strong concussions he had previously suffered.

    Webster, who suffered from frequent aches and headaches, which caused him to shock himself with an electric gun, was not the only case in which Dr. Omalo relied on dissecting

 and taking samples from his brain. Webster's teammate, Justin Strzczyk, died at the age of 36, after he had a traffic accident while driving at a speed of 144 km / h due to a headache that was repeatedly derailing him, as his family indicated after his death.

    The third player to face Omalo with his shattered brain was Terry Long, who committed suicide by drinking the auto-engine antifreeze. These facts and research led Omalo to fight a battle with those responsible for the sport, forcing them after stalling and threatening to admit the dangers of the American football game to the human brain, and the name Chronic traumatic encephalopathy was called chronic encephalopathy.  

    Months ago, in an interview with Time magazine, Dr. Umalo clearly indicated that "90% of players who play the game professionally have a certain degree of this disease."

   This frightening number, and the horror of exposure to a brain injury, gradually led to a decrease in the number of American football members, despite the fact that the number of sports practitioners in general increased.


 After studying Dr. Umalo in 2002, the Game Federation fought for seven years before admitting that dozens of players had died from the disease that plagued their brains.

    "Concussion" returned his story recently with a movie in which Will Smith plays the role of Dr. Omalo and shows the details of the political, media and scientific battle that the brave doctor waged against the mafias of the American football game to expose the danger of this sport on the human body.

    Today, despite the publication of the study and the recognition of the American state and the American Football Association of the great danger that this game inflicts on humans, which leads to death at a young age, no one has succeeded in making a decision to stop this danger that enjoys large audiences.

     In 2015, former American football players agreed to be part of a study that showed that 87 of the 91 brains were affected by the same condition.

    And the National Football League recently published a report indicating that the incidence of "CIT" disease increased by 32% between 2014 and 2015, as the number of infected people increased from 206 to 271.

    A fatal disease, whose symptoms begin to appear after 8 to 10 years of playing the game, afflicting those who suffer from it with severe head pain and early memory loss, in addition to social behavior disorders, progressive dementia, slowed muscle movement, tremors and deafness, leading to suicide.

    ThΓ¨se symptoms, which have become scientifically recognized and proven, prompted 50% of the parents who answered the questions of a census conducted by "Bloomberg" in the year 2014 to say that they will not allow their children to play American football, which appeared to be reflected in the actual secondary schools, where the number of affiliatesdecreased. From 1.13 million in the 2008/09 season to 1.08 million in the 2014/15 season.

    At a time when the profits of this game reached 13 billion dollars in 2015, it does not seem that it will be easy to fight this huge lobby that insisted on refusing to recognize the deadly danger for seven years, and which is supported by a large audience of fans of this sport despite its danger, and thus it will not be It is easy to pass a law prohibiting it on a given day.