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He discovers that he is a partner in Facebook and has made millions 🤑 in fortunes by accident


   While some go to great lengths to gain fortune, some millionaires reach seven numbers just by chance and a lot of luck!

   This is exactly what applies to the American graffiti artist David Chow of Korean origins, who works as a talented graffiti artist in America.

     Graffiti artist turns into a millionaire on Facebook by accident!

   During his life David suffered from numerous financial crises, some of which ended with him going to prison several times. And in 2005,David got a call from a business owner asking him to paint a mural for his startup for $ 60,000.

   But the owner of the company did not have the money yet , and offered David to own shares in his company instead of the money. 

   David accepted the show but then disappeared , and went graffiti on the streets, completely forgetting about the arrows.

   But the surprise was in 2012 when David received  a call from "Mark Zuckerberg" CEO of Facebook, telling him that his shares in Facebook exceeded $ 200 million after he painted a mural for them in the company's beginnings.

   This rare coincidence  transformed David Chu from an ordinary man who struggled through his art to raise money, to a millionaire overnight, not any millionaire,but rather a fortune of seven numbers!

   Chu commented on this coincidence, saying: (My decision to choose stocks instead of cash was a risky decision at the time,especially since Facebook was nothing but a joke or a project of questionable success, and there was no guarantee that Facebook's business would reach what it is today. “

   Today, Chu organizes various exhibitions to display his masterpieces of paintings and murals, and his works can be clearly seen on the buildings and walls of New York City,and he did not dream of such fame before he was called "the millionaire of chance"!