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The most beautiful tourist places in Malaysia, the best and most wonderful tourist areas in Malaysia.



 There are a group of wonderful countries for tourism in Southeast Asia that are loved by tourists, so we will present all the tourist areas to these countries, but in this post in particular we will devote themselves to the state of Malaysia and those who do not know this mythical country, which is considered one of the best and most wonderful tourist countries. Because of the islands that possess the fairy nature, the wild forests that are equipped in a fantastic way, the luxurious and wonderful resorts. But before visiting this wonderful country, you must know the most important areas in it, so in this post we will review the most important and wonderful tourist areas in Malaysia.

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The first tourist area in Malaysia

1-Batu Caves

   Mythic Batu Caves These wonderful caves are located near the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. These caves are one of the most important and wonderful tourist areas in Malaysia. Which amazes visitors with the Hindu art in it, which brings you back to the Mughal era. And these caves are the caves that were owned by the Hindus outside the state of India. Of course, there are other legendary activities that you will discover after visiting this truly mythical region, a wonderful region that is worth a visit.

The second tourist area in Malaysia  


   This wonderful island takes you back to the past about 1900 years. Because you got on the very old steamboat, and I know that the majority only see it in the movies. And after boarding this boat, you will wander around and enjoy seeing the villages that enjoy a natural and simple life, and you will enjoy the picturesque landscapes. On which the villages and structures that were built as stilts and rice tanks will live in this region a new and wonderful experience, truly a mythical region and worth a visit.

The third tourist area in Malaysia

3-Christ Church

   Christ Church in this area is not dedicated to Christians only, it is available to all tourists of all religions because it is considered a heritage of tourism due to its antiquity. The Dutch built it in the mid-nineteenth century and is considered one of the oldest churches in the world and the oldest church in Malaysia. What distinguishes this church is the way it was built in the old Dutch architectural styles, colorful and decorated destinations, and all visitors love this church, as it is considered one of the most beautiful backgrounds to take wonderful pictures, so this area is really wonderful and worth a visit

The fourth tourist area in Malaysia

4-Bukit Bintang

   Bukit Bintang is one of the best shopping areas in the capital of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in which there are many areas and shopping centers. And including the legendary Times Square area that all visitors love this area and is considered one of the largest shopping centers in the world. You can find anything you can imagine in your mind at very reasonable prices. The area also includes wonderful gardens, activities and parks. And the visit is worth a million percent.

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