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The most beautiful tourist places in Indonesia, the best and most wonderful 4 tourist areas in Indonesia.




  The mythical country of Indonesia is located in the western Pacific Ocean in the Asian continent. And this wonderful country is considered one of the best tourist countries in the world. Because of the magnificent islands that owns, the legendary beaches and the fantastically equipped beaches, and the wonderful activities that are organized on the beaches, including the water competition and many other activities that all visitors love. But before going to this legendary country, you must have an idea about the areas that should go to them, so we have chosen in this post the most important and best tourist areas in Indonesia.

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The first tourist area in Indonesia


    Wonderful Bali This island is one of the wonderful destinations that most tourists go to because of the natural qualifications that they have, and the imaginary beaches with golden sand and clear blue waters. This island or city is considered one of the best tourist cities in the world because of the availability of luxury hotels and their availability of all the things that visitors need. And the prices of tourism in Bali, prices suitable for all classes, really a mythical city and worth a visit.



The second tourist area in Indonesia


    The legendary Puncak is considered one of the most beautiful areas in the country of Indonesia, suitable for tourists from all angles of nature or from calm, or if you want loud places in which there are many people and markets, they are also present in this wonderful city. But those who love tranquility, there are places far from the hustle and bustle of the city, they can enjoy tranquility and picnics in the wonderful nature and swimming in the wonderful beaches as well as tourism in the valleys, it is really a wonderful region and what some say is a piece of paradise on earth.



The third tourist area in Indonesia


    Mythic Jakarta This wonderful city is located in the northwest of the island of Java, and Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. And this city is the first city to receive tourists at Soekarno International Airport, which receives all flights. Therefore, Indonesia has focused on the infrastructure of this wonderful city because it is the tourist destination of the country of Indonesia. In this city there are many mythical areas and markets where there are many activities and wonderful parks and truly luxurious hotels. Jakarta is a mythical city and it is worth a visit one million percent.



The fourth tourist area in Indonesia


    Bandung, this mythical city is considered one of the best tourist cities in Indonesia because of the fun and excitement in it. As for people who love food and anything related to cooking, they are in the right place because this city has various types of international foods, especially delicious and healthy Asian foods. On the other hand, this city enjoys wonderful and wonderful views, legendary beaches and quiet places. Indeed, this city is a tourist city par excellence and it is worth a visit.


 This blog will make you happy with the best tourist areas in Malaysia