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4 strangest scientific hypotheses 😦 that will drive you crazy


4 strangest scientific hypotheses  that will drive you crazy

     The universe in which we live and its scientific formation is an endless puzzle. Therefore, many scholars are trying, as best they can, to understand the way its laws, properties, and mysteries work ... and each one gives a hypothesis. So I will now give you some strange and controversial hypotheses about the universe, some of which you will hear for the first time. 

1 - In the Matrix

  Have you seen the Matrix movie before? This movie was produced in 1999. It achieved unrivaled success in all parts of the world, this film talks about a very strange premise. Its name is the Array, which revolves around a virtual world that has been created by computer machines that have awareness for one goal, which is to domesticate people and use them as an energy source or as energy generators just like batteries. The idea of ​​the movie was so strange that it made people think seriously about the subject after the film ended. Really live in the Matrix? Is our presence in this world just a simulation in a computer? Are we created by a computer super intelligent and conscious? Or are we just virtual fictional characters in a large virtual world just like the characters we control in a video game? The idea actually has many supporters and believers in it, the majority of whom are atheists.

4 strangest scientific hypotheses  that will drive you crazy

 For example, Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a very famous astrophysicist. In one of his meetings in 2016, he said that it is possible that all of our lives and all of human history is just a program on someone’s computer, and he said, “I think the probability of this may be very high.” “If this is the truth, then it is easy for me to imagine that everything in our life was made by other entities for the sake of entertainment.”

  The strange thing about this hypothesis is that all or most of its supporters are atheists. Why is that? The reason is simple. Know it in this clip ...

  An atheist can tell you that the universe was created by a computer. Or a washing machine or a refrigerator or a stupid premise and he will never be able to tell you that the universe and life were created by God.


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2 - Sterile neutrinos

  Nuclear physics is known to be the cause of nuclear fission as free, super-fast neutrons. But recently an experiment at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory revealed. About new electronic neutrinos, which are in fact more than what was expected in the scientific community. This indicates the existence of new particles that have been discovered called sterile neutrons or right-hand neutrons, which are particles of insufficient velocity to cause nuclear fission, or simply a slow neutron. This discovery could spark another revolution in nuclear physics and the understanding of how the universe works.

4 strangest scientific hypotheses  that will drive you crazy

    Dark matter you've already heard is true. Dark matter is one of the basic rules that give rise to stars. And what was discovered was that the early universe should have "sterile neutrons". At the Max Planck Institute one of the scientists in Bonn. By experiments, it was shown that neutrinos are sterile when weak and decay. This causes the creation of hydrogen molecules to speed up. It is what caused the burning and radiation of stars billions of years after the Big Bang, and as is known, 73% of the sun’s mass is made up of hydrogen. 

3-Superfluid space-time

  We live in three dimensions. Three Dimensions. And this is something known: length, width, height, but in one period Einstein came and added another dimension to the old equation, which is time, so we live in a four-dimensional world, Fourth Dimension, and then Einstein added another idea, which is that time and space are in fact one thing called space-time, and it was Einstein's interpretation of gravity is that it is nothing but a curvature in the fabric of space-time, hence a very strange hypothesis that says that space-time is in fact a superfluid substance.

4 strangest scientific hypotheses  that will drive you crazy
 Black hole concept with deep universe galaxy, planets, stars.

  What is the meaning of super fluid? It is a state of matter in which some liquids take on rare properties, and among these properties is the complete absence of a wife, which reaches to zero where the matter becomes in an eternal flow, and if the universe is rotating, then the superfluid spacetime will be dispersed within eddies. ”Some scientists assume that the universe arose from the remains A dead star, where star material combined with superfluid space material spread dark energy, causing a terrible repulsion force that led to the cosmic expansion and its acceleration that has not ended until today. 

4- Superstring theory

  One of the biggest scientific dilemmas that concerned scientists is the issue of the unification of the four basic forces in nature, which are gravity and electromagnetism, the great nuclear force and the weak nuclear force. The question was always asked: What are the basic basic components that are indivisible and indivisible? Everything in the universe is composed of them? . Among the most important reasons for not finding a solution to this dilemma nor a satisfactory answer is the dissonance between the two most important physical theories of Einstein's theory of relativity and the quantum theory of Max Planck, Einstein's refusal to accept quantum theory as a fundamental theory. In the last years of his life, he was trying to find a way to reconcile his theory of gravity and quantum mechanics, but he died, and he did not succeed in that, after his death many scientists tried to complete what he started as a strange theory appeared to the world called the superstring

4 strangest scientific hypotheses 😦 that will drive you crazy

    This theory says that the universe has ten dimensions, of which we know only four dimensions, and the truth is that there are no elementary fundamental particles (such as the electron ...) in it, but only what exists are vibrating strings like guitar strings, and these particles are nothing but a reflection of those strings, and every vibration coincides with With a specific particle, the electron, for example, is nothing but a specific vibration and energy level for that string, and the neutron is nothing but another vibration of the same string.

  In superstring theory, we can visualize the universe as a piece of music produced by the vibrations of the superstring. Here, of course, is the central central question of this hypothesis: What are the components of the string? The scientists who support the theory answer, and all we have is the strings are the first and the last, and this string is an essential component in this universe, and that this question contradicts its initial assumption.

I mean, their real answer does not know ... they are just strings !!

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