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For the first time 🖧 you will see the heart of Google from the inside


  How many times did you find a problem searching for anything, of course you did not ask a doctor. She did not ask a professor. Or your father. But the first person who comes to your mind and that is "Google" without exception. And Google has a data center. You will see this center the size of an entire city and it is closer to a city coming from the future than in the year 2100.

    Who is the founder of "Google"

  Sergey Brin and Larry Page are the masterminds behind the Google empire that rules the global Internet. Sergey and Larry had one thing in common about the personality, which is their intense love for computers and its sciences. Both Sergei and Larry's family knew the skills and abilities of their son, so they entered a school called Montessori and this school is not like the traditional schools that give you the Einstein equation To solve it while you do not understand anything about physics or mathematics, the school was interested in the creativity aspect of children

For the first time 🖧 you will see the heart of Google from the inside

The life of the founders of "Google"

  As if things were smoothed out for them from the start. Sergey's father was a professor of mathematics at the University of Maryland and had several research and contributions to abstract engineering and motion systems. Serge's mother worked at the Goddard Research Center at NASA and worked on a program to simulate natural conditions that affect space travel.

  Larry was known in his childhood to be very passionate about the mechanics of things. Always curious about how things work and he got his first private home computer in 1978, and by the way - you might think that owning a home personal computer is a normal thing now, but in the past, only the wealthy and people of the upper classes in society could own a home computer - and it was like someone who owns A car in a poor and impoverished country, Larry grew up, and after years he entered the university to complete his studies, specifically the University of Michigan, to graduate from it with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and then obtained a master’s in computing sciences

For the first time 🖧 you will see the heart of Google from the inside

  In 1995. Larry thought that it was time to prepare for his Ph.D. and in fact in the same year he prepared for his doctoral thesis in the field of computers at Stanford University and the strange coincidence that will change everything when he went to university to apply for his Ph.D. The university searched for a student with the same major as Larry to help him in Finding study places, libraries and work spaces within the university means that he was only supposed to be a servant or assistant to Larry at the university, and the strange thing is that this student who was supposed to help Larry is the second mind of the Google empire now, and he is Sergey Brin until that time they did not know each other at all. And of course, with the passage of time and during the preparation of Larry for his Ph.D. and Sergey assisting him, a friendship arose between them and they got to know each other more and more, and it became clear that their ideas are close to a large extent in everything, especially with regard to technology and the outlook for the future, projects, ideas and plans.

  It was during this period that Brienne got a job at the university. His job was to search for information from among a very large database with a group of friends. And they were doing a search for magaznes and finding all the data about them and the best magazines in terms of sales, how much are their profits, and a lot of favorite data, and here and Brin thought of something out of the box, which is to apply the same search method to the search engines then present: Lycos, Webcrawler, Magelan,, Infoseek, Excite and hotlot.
For the first time 🖧 you will see the heart of Google from the inside

  And on the other hand. Larry Page around this time, he got a job that was considered an attractive career, a job at Alta Vista. Which was the most famous engine in the nineties, this engine on the first day it was created, it received thirty thousand visits and after only two years it reached 80 million visits, the important Larry Page was very impressed with this engine and how it works and the achievement that it reached in a very short period of time He was more impressed by the way the search results appeared through a particular link that was new to him through his studies in computer science

     The beginning of the idea of ​​creating a search engine

  The important thing, he began to think a lot about that connection that he saw in the Alta Vista drive to the point that he thought to create something like it. Or to develop it further, he had a very big obstacle in front of him in order to be able to study these links first, which is a very large database. In short, all the Internet needs in his computer. Where he said in one of his statements that the funny and strange thing is that he asked a professor to help in this matter, but he laughed at the severity of the stupidity of the idea, as the professor thought. And he said to him: “Have you lost your mind, do you want the entire Internet to be in your small computer?” Of course the idea was naive and stupid to the professor, but it is a very normal reality now.

  Friends Larry and Sergey decided to develop their own search engine. The strange thing is that when they met to talk about the subject, they were shocked because they were thinking about the same thing, at the same time Sergey was thinking about creating a search engine, and Larry was thinking of creating a search engine with the same dream and the same goal, they decided to start, in the project and actually the beginning was in 1997 when they programmed the engine Backrub and Mover were especially popular at the same university

For the first time 🖧 you will see the heart of Google from the inside

   Why was this engine called "Google"

  As the days went by, they were developing and improving the project more and more. And the first thing they thought about is changing the name Backrub and replacing it with a new name and the name that would be appropriate for future project hopes. The name was strange and its meaning is strange, which is Googol, and this name has a meaning in mathematics is a huge number consisting of 1 followed by 100 zeroes, and the reason that made them choose this name for the engine is that they They will know hard to let the search engine understand and organize this dreaded number of data in the future. But there was a mistake in writing the name and registering the domain, and it became Google as we know it now! The name Google has become official in language dictionaries, meaning that Google is used to search for information.

  For the whole period between 1997 and 1998. Did you know that Page and Brian were developing the Google empire from a classmate's garage? This girl's name is Susan Wojski. Do you know where it is now? She is the CEO of youtube, the CEO of YouTube, and she sends this message to any YouTuber that reaches a hundred thousand subscribers with her signature. Thank you Susan ... Work on the Google project remained non-stop in that garage, but they had one problem, and frankly, it is the problem of every person in the world. problem.

  They began to look for people who could finance their project. But it was difficult at the time to find a financier to risk his money at Google. They were not imagining that the new search engine would succeed.

For the first time 🖧 you will see the heart of Google from the inside

   Google’s success

They were stranded until they finally managed to get a million dollar loan from the bank

  After they got the loan, they felt enthusiastic and continued to work to make Google Engine a strong competitor to other areas. And this is what happened. They were able to implement exactly what they imagined. After only months, and in mid-1999, the total number of daily searches on Google reached 10,000. And they got the title of "Best Search Engine" in Computer Magazine. And they managed to defeat the best search engine, which was Alta Vista.

  Now, 23 years after the launch of the Google search engine. You can say that Google controls a large percentage of the virtual Internet, of course it has a Gmail. The most used e-mail in the world. And Google Chrome owns the most famous browser in the world and has the most Android operating system in the world, in addition to Google translate goole play. It owns YouTube and the list of services that it owns is endless.

  And after the impressive success of Google. Of course, they did not forget the original and where they started that garage, which was owned by Suzanne, and they were developing the search engine in it. In 2004 that garage expanded to become the Google headquarters in California

  And all of Google's main offices are now in California. In return, the company had to open secondary branches for it, and Google already has more than seventy offices in forty different countries with more than 114,096 employees.

For the first time 🖧 you will see the heart of Google from the inside

   Shocking information ??

  But the most shocking information about Google is: the heart of this empire has a Google data center, which is the core of this entire video

  Without talking about Google. Just every part of the company, YouTube for example, more than 400 hours of video is uploaded on this platform every minute. Which needs more than 1 petabyte (1M GB) of new storage capacity per day. Google has indexed over 50 billion pages on all servers.

  I will bring you this number closer if each of the webpages is an A4 paper page. The printed version of the websites indexed by Google will be 1 km long, which is an astronomical number.

  Another simple example is the song Despacito that they annoyed us with. It reached a world record in April 2018 when it became the first video to reach five billion views on YouTube. This is not strange. The strange thing was that Despacito's song was viewed five billion times on YouTube. In contrast, these observations used up 40,000 homes in the United States of energy during an entire year. Imagine this is really crazy giving you the amount of energy that Google's data centers are consuming. And that's only if we measure it on just one program from Google. It is YouTube, and YouTube views now in one month are worth more than 450 thousand years.

  Data centers consume about 2% of the electricity worldwide, which is a very staggering number of energy

For the first time 🖧 you will see the heart of Google from the inside

  In America alone, data centers used 70 billion kilowatt hours of electricity in 2014 alone. It is the same energy that 6.4 million American homes used in the same year, frankly speaking, only data centers in America consume the energy consumed by an entire country.

For the first time 🖧 you will see the heart of Google from the inside

  The strange thing is that this enormous energy and power that Google uses in its data centers to remain at the top of the Internet hierarchy in the world is naturally present in the brain of one person ...

For the first time 🖧 you will see the heart of Google from the inside

  But the strangest thing of all is that there are people on this planet who think that Google's huge data centers are impossible to have created by chance, but at the same time they believe that the strongest and most complex human brain of all of them was found by chance.

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