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5 best handwriting to text converting apps

5 best handwriting to text converting apps

 Did you know there is a whole class of handwriting-to-text apps? This article will tell you everything about it!
 Moreover, these apps also enable you to manually write themes on your phone. You can even customize your notes, save them in various formats, and even share them with your colleagues.
 And these apps can make you more productive as you will be able to take quick notes in a hurry.
Here is a list of the best apps for converting handwriting to text.

Best handwriting converting apps to digital text
5 best handwriting to text converting apps

1 - Pen to Print - Convert manual fonts into digital text

 Let's start with an app called Pen to Print - Handwriting into Text. As per its name, you can really predict the tools it contains - it converts any scripted text into digital text.
To get started, let's think about how to use this app.
 First of all, this app is a must-have for everyone who somehow works with tons of text files and notes.
 Moreover, the app can be very helpful for students - imagine a world where you don't have to spend hours discovering unintelligible words in your friend's vise!
 When you start using the app, you will read an article on how to use it. After doing that, you'll need to give examples to apply to your handwriting.
 Besides, this app scans and reveals your paper notes and then turns them into a report on your phone.
 Plus, if you see that the app has made a mistake, you can fix it yourself. However, according to comments and claims, this app is very good at detecting words and putting them into sentences.
 In addition, all texts that you add in the application will be stored in a cloud service with easy access to it.
 You can also use the app to discover your meeting diaries, and the app will turn it into a schedule that you can sync with your calendar or another notes app.
 To summarize the explanation, if you want to get rid of old copy books while saving data on them, Pen to the Print is a good tool for that.

2 - PenReader app

 The second application in the list of handwriting-to-text applications list, this application can convert any handwritten document into digital text.
 Let's start by looking at the main purpose of this app. First of all, this app can convert whatever you write on your phone screen into a full document.
 In other words, when you write a word in letters, it should be placed on top of each other. After that, you can add that word to a dictionary and the app will remember it.
 And it's worth noting that the app works very quickly - it takes seconds to discover a word.
Plus, the app has a spelling check so even if you do make a mistake, the app will fix it.
 In the event that you do not understand this application, it enables you to start new notes directly on the screen of your device and it will be converted into digital text so that you can easily read it.
 After the file is complete, you can save it as a document and share it with your colleagues. Besides, the app is constantly being upgraded and now it works on small screens like big screens.
 There is also a tool that can detect and recognize the word even if it is partially written.
To sum it up, if you write notes often but don't always have a copy notebook on hand, PenReader is your savior!

3- Converting handwriting to text via Google Handwriting input

 If you've ever researched the app to digitize the text of a manuscript, you've probably heard of this text.
 Google Handwriting Input is an app that enables Android users to write on their phone screen and convert it into full text.
 This app is a savior in those situations when you need to quickly jot down something and only have a phone on hand.
 Given that not everyone can press the keyboard quickly enough, being able to use your phone as a copy book can be very helpful.
 Besides, this is a standalone and full-featured app so you don't need any extra hardware for writing.
 In other words, the recognition quality is so great that you don't even need a stylus if you are shooting at a tiny smartphone screen.
 And the app doesn't want it to be a regular boring app so you can also express your feelings which will be converted into emojis.
 It's also worth noting that if you don't like how the app defines your theme, you can tweak it yourself. Moreover, you can fix the words with errors and save them for the app to remember.
 To sum it up, if you want to use your device as a notebook, Google Handwriting is a good option for you.

4 - Penultimate app

 This app enables you to take notes on school and university lessons, at work, and wherever you want.
 Besides, you can also draw some pictures and write your ideas in the most creative shapes. 
This app is a new form of pen and paper that will always be in your pocket and ready to use.
 It also enables you to use your phone more productively as you can switch on reminders that will tell you to send a specific document to a specific person.
 This application has a strong detection feature, so there will be no major spelling problems besides that, there is the possibility to enlarge the page, choose the color of the writing tool, and even choose its type.
I n addition, this app syncs with Evernote so be sure to install it and create a user account.
And once you do that, you'll have the opportunity to keep it there.
You can also arrange your notes by dividing them into groups and topic sections.
 It's also worth noting that the app has a built-in spell check so even if you do make a mistake, the app will fix it.

5-Handwriting to Text Scanner app [OCR]

 Text Scanner [OCR] is another app that scans your handwriting and turns it into a document on your phone.
 Initially, this app deals with the problem of having to type in a long URL using only the keyboard.
 Any phone number you see on the newspapers can also be scanned and saved to your phone in seconds.
 In addition to that, the app is also capable of scanning and identifying characters' faces.
 And the app has incredible reading speed so anything you want to scan can be detected in a few seconds.
It should also be noted that this app discovers more than fifty different languages!
In addition, it is able to read texts of different backgrounds even if it seems impossible.
 The app can also detect handwriting, so if you want to convert your documents into digital form, this app is a great way to do so.
 You can also send your private documents to be shared with friends and upload to your own cloud service.