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5 of the strangest chatting apps with friends or strangers!


5 of the strangest chatting apps with friends or strangers!

 Chat applications have become very popular in our daily life, and we use them for business purposes or chatting with friends and family. And with some applications dominating the scene, such as Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, and others, others were prominent in their weirdness!    

 From these applications you are only allowed to send one message! Another one you can only use with a battery charge of 5% or less!What prompts you to try these apps? Besides being fun, the quirky features make it unique and intriguing!

Below, we review 5 of the weirdest chat apps that we recommend you try!   

The strangest chat apps ever! 

5 of the strangest chatting apps with friends or strangers!

1 - Say Henlo - Only one message at a time!

 Most chat apps back up every message you send. You are also free to have an unlimited number of messages to share with the other end of the conversation.

 However, Say Henlo has a completely different approach to talking to the other party, and it sets its own rules!

 In this web based chatting app, you can only send one message at a time. You can also only read the last message that the contact sent to you.

 The application adds a new dimension to chatting, making you careful and attentive to what you send because you will not be able to correct or undo any sentence you send!

 There are two ways to talk to someone. You can either add their username and start messaging them directly. Or, you can click the "random" button to find a stranger on the Internet to chat with.

 There is also a privacy corner for Say Henlo, every message gets deleted forever once you send a new message.

2 - Die With Me - Allows you to chat only when the battery is drained!

 Die With Me is one of the coolest and strangest concepts you'll encounter in chatting apps. Indeed, in all kinds of applications!

Die With Me idea is to give you a companion when your phone's battery has dropped to 5% or less.

 Send your emergency messages to whoever you want, then go to the app to find another person somewhere in the world who is stuck with less than 5% battery. And start talking!

 The limited time to talk to someone new will force you to dispense with compliments and start getting to know that person quickly.

 Or maybe you can have a good time and start your conversation in a whole new direction, talking about life that makes no sense after your screen is gone and the existential questions that the offline world throws at you devoid of distraction.

 On the flip side, not many users have downloaded the app yet, so you don't know whether or not you'll always find someone when your battery gets this low!

3 - Stealthy - Telegram-like chat for decentralized Blockstack users

Stealthy is similar to the popular chatting app Telegram in many ways, but it adds a few extra features.

 This messaging app is based on Blockstack, the new decentralized internet system. And you will need a Blockstack account to use it, which is readily available for free.

 The advantage of the Blockstack and Stealthy account is the focus on privacy. While you are in doubt about the privacy of Facebook Messenger, or pretty much any other messaging program from a large company, this is an important feature.

 Your data on a Blockstack based app can only be read by you and the recipient since everything you put in is encrypted.

When you go beyond privacy, Stealthy has all the features of the great Telegram messaging app.

 And you can join channels to find like-minded people, chat with friends by adding them, share your screen, chat on video, and even perform file transfers.

Although the Stealthy mobile app is available at the moment, it is riddled with bugs.

 The team says that these apps are not fully developed and you have to wait for the official announcement to download Android and iOS apps.

4 - Chudo - A Memoji chat app

 Just because you don't have the latest iPhones, doesn't mean you can't join the memoji. Get Chudo to become a strange cartoon avatar for live chat.

 Chudo works with both old and new phones, as long as the front camera works. It will track your face in no time, after which you can choose from many different avatars available.

It's simple and easy, and the avatar list is refreshed all the time.

5 - Evry - a browser to chat on any webpage

 Technically, Evry is a mobile web browser. But its focus on being a "social browser" turns it into a part of the chatting app as well.

Evry wants you to be able to talk to your friends on any web page, while you are inside the browser.

 It is a comment-based platform, but your friends can be marked anywhere. So while browsing, you can tag a friend and leave a comment to understand why you think they should see the page.

 Once you visit him, they can respond to you. And like any modern messaging app, there are reactions for likes and comments.Naturally, like any browser, you can add bookmarks, try private mode, etc. But the focus is on the social browsing part.

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