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"El Restis" You may not know his name, but you know his laugh, the death of the owner of the most famous laugh in the world


"El Restis" You may not know his name, but you know his laugh, the death of the owner of the most famous laugh in the world

Al Resetas, the owner of the famous laugh, died at the age of 65.

 April 28, 2021, Spanish actor and comedian Juan Joya Borja, nicknamed El Restas, died at the age of 65 after a struggle with illness in Seville, according to the Spanish EFE agency.

 Where Borja “El Restas” breathed his last at the local Hospital de la Carridad in Seville. El Restas was born in Seville, Spain, in 1956, but his first TV appearance was in 2000 when he appeared on Jesus Quintero's El Vagamundo.

 The Spanish agency, EFE, said that the Spanish actor, El Restas, won a global fame beyond imagination, due to his hosting of a Spanish talk show in 2007. 

The use of this funny clip has reached Resetas in all fields, so you find the owners of satirical television programs using it in their episodes and even in advertisements for companies, and political opponents use it to ridicule rulers, such as what happened in Egypt during the rule of Sisi in Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, according to the Guardian newspaper. 

 As for the most popular categories of this satirical video, they are YouTubers, whether they are Flaggers, Gamers, or even YouTubers that highlight general information and culture.

The Resetas was shocked by the world fame

 And press reports said that the Spanish actor Juan “El Resetas” was shocked and astonished by the international fame that he reached without intending it.

 Among the most prominent of his artistic works is his participation in the Spanish comedy film "Torrent 3", which was shown in 2005, and his participation in the famous Spanish TV series "Episode dated". 

He also participated in a number of TV series and programs after his great fame in the past years.

What is the story of the famous La Risitas laugh?

 The story of that laugh is that one day El Resetas was a guest on a Spanish TV talk show with the journalist Quintero.

 When the presenter asked him about the most difficult job he went through in his life, to tell the audience the details of the funny story of that guest without being able to catch himself from laughing, as Al Resetas was telling a bad story that he encountered during his work.

"El Restis" You may not know his name, but you know his laugh, the death of the owner of the most famous laugh in the world
 And in the video that was posted on the TV show's YouTube channel in 2007. El Resitas recounted that on one occasion when he found a job as assistant cook for a restaurant operating on the seashore, the manager or the great chef told him to use a trick to clean the dishes.
 It is to place pans on the beach for seawater to clean. But he warned him that the waves would take the pans and throw them into the depths. Indeed, 20 frying pans of Spanish rice were left in the sea at night in the hope that the seawater would clean them up automatically.
 But when he returned in the morning to inspect the 20 frying pans, he found only one dish. While the other 19 dishes were taken by sea water and lost.

 And the way he told the funny story led to a hysterical wave of laughter. The announcer could not control himself with laughter either. 

 While the camera was focusing a lot on the Resetas, he was laughing in a crazy way, and his mouth was almost empty of all the teeth. His hysterical laugh became a quantum used in thousands of videos around the world

 His fame reached millions of people. They know his laugh, but they never know his name. Perhaps you are one of them, dear reader.

"El Restis" You may not know his name, but you know his laugh, the death of the owner of the most famous laugh in the world

When did El Resetas become famous?

 In fact, Resetas did not start until 2014. That is, seven years after that talk show. So the website activists, social media, and even a space channel started using this laugh on the Internet. 

 To the extent that people just see this person's face, they have a strong desire to laugh. The strange thing is that most of the videos on the Internet do not carry the real translation of the clip, but rather every person was writing a translation to suit his topic. 

 As I did in this video in which I talked about the topic of why Apple devices are expensive and yet people buy them.

 Although Al Resetas has become known all over the world, he somehow did not benefit from that fame at all. He had diabetes and complications of vasculitis.

 And his disease developed until it caused the amputation of one of his legs. He was no longer able to walk. Last March, he thanked the people who love him and follow his news, especially his fans, who launched a campaign to collect donations to buy an electric bike to help him move after his leg was amputated. 

Imagine that he did not even have the money to buy an electric bicycle to help him walk.

 Indeed, the year 2021 brought with it many famous people of art, acting, music and literature alike in the world. But in the end, whoever is on it, the face of your Lord, who is glorified and honored, remains

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