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Free Fire, a legendary success for a game that started from scratch, defeating the most famous gaming company in the world

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 Free Fire is a third-person game. Its wide global fame enabled it to beat Fortnite and PUBG in recent months in terms of the number of users, to reach 450 million registered users.
 The pace of users is accelerating. And the pace of profits is also on the rise.

 Free Fire Battleground became the most downloaded game in the world in 2019. More than that, and starting in May 2020, the game achieved a record by breaking 80 million daily users worldwide
I mean, imagine that the number of active players every day on Free Fire in 2020 exceeded the population of Morocco and Algeria combined. As of November 2019, its profits have reached more than $ 1 billion worldwide.

Where has the success of the Free Fire game reached now?

  This overwhelming success of Free Fire in the world of video game industry enabled Frost Lee to become the second developer in the world to become a billionaire thanks to a mobile video game.
  Of course, you will ask if Frost Lee is the second developer, who is the first developer, the answer is simple and remembered by the first developer in the world to become a billionaire because of a mobile video game is Tim Sweeney, the founder and CEO of Epic Games, and the game that made him a billionaire is Fortnite.

 Of course, the profits of Free Fire do not all enter into my Frost pocket, but there are other companies that own a large share of them from these companies, Tencent, a Chinese games company that owns a large percentage of Free Fire, up to 39.7%.
 It is strange that this same company owns a stake of up to Epic Games (40%), which developed the game Fortnite, and also owns Bluehole / PUBG Corporation (11.5%).

Free Fire World Cup

  Free Fire, after its great success in the world, organized the World Cup in this game.
 Twelve teams from all over the world traveled to Bangkok to compete for a prize fund of $ 100,000. Each team was the champion of its own regional tournament.
 With nearly 15,000 other teams eliminated along the way. In the end, two Indonesian teams competed in the finals. They are EVOS Capital and SFI Zet Hades. The battle between the two teams ended with the victory of EVOS Capital to become a global event by being crowned the first global champion of Free Fire and winning the prize money.

 This big event was attended by more than 270,000 people and over 27 million online viewers.
 It also holds the record for the number of concurrent viewers on YouTube with over 1.1 million people from all over the world watching the finals. This makes it even more famous than the major Overwatch League Finals.