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The most beautiful tourist places in Thailand, the best and most wonderful four tourist areas in Thailand



   Thailand and officially the Kingdom of Thailand, formerly known as Siam, is a country located in Southeast Asia on the Indo-Chinese Peninsula, bordered by Laos and Cambodia to the east, the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia to the south, and the Andaman Sea and Myanmar to the west. Thailand is divided administratively into 75 provinces, which in turn are divided into neighborhoods and municipalities, in addition to the capital of the Thai Kingdom, Bangkok, which is a special administrative region and the country's capital and largest city.

    The population of Thailand is estimated at about 66 million people, which puts it in the 20th place in the world by population. Thailand is also known by its previous name "Siam", and this was the official name of the country until the date of May 11, 1949. The word "free" means "free" in the Thai language. It is derived from the same expression (Tai), the word used for the population, ie Thais. Some minorities in the country use the word Siamese when referring to the country's population.

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The first tourist area in Thailand


    Due to its strategic location in Southeast Asia, Bangkok was a buffer zone between the French and British colonial empires, and it gained a reputation as an independent, stable and vibrant city. Currently, Bangkok is considered the capital of the country and the political, social and economic center of Thailand and one of the leading cities in Southeast Asia during the period from 1980 to 1990 flourished. Asian investments.

    And multinational companies and many have made their regional headquarters in Bangkok, and Bangkok is considered a regional powerhouse in finance, business and global politics. Culture, fashion and entertainment and confirms its position as a global city in 2009 was the second most expensive city in Southeast Asia behind Singapore, Bangkok attracts about 10 million visitors. International annually and second only to London.


 The second tourist area in Thailand

2-Phuket island

    The mountains in Phuket are about 70% of the island’s area and the remaining 30% are plains located in the central and eastern parts of the island and the island that do not contain major rivers and contain some streams.

    Forests, rubber and palm oil plantations cover nearly 60% of the island. The west coast has many sandy beaches and the most popular beach in Phuket is called Patong Beach and it is located on the west coast.

Buddha statue in Phuket.

    One of the most important features of this island is the presence of some of the most beautiful diving sites on the world level in addition to the development of diving tourism and cruises in a classy and suitable for all. Divers can choose between diving trips for one day with the provision of meals and drinks on boats equipped with all amenities and recreation and between trips for several Days or even weeks, roaming the waters of Phuket Island and the nearby small islands, which are distinguished by the diversity of their coral reefs and their various marine creatures, including sea turtles and sharks of all kinds.

Phuket island

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The third tourist area in Thailand

3-Ban Na Bay

    Ban Nha Bay stretches for 400 kilometers in the Andaman Sea between Phuket Island and the Malay Peninsula Peninsula in southern Thailand, and since 1981 the Phan Naa National Park has occupied a large part of the area of ​​Ban Naha Province. Limestone is found in abundance in caves in the Gulf, which are more than 10 thousand years old, when the sea level was low.

    The island contains 42 small islands, which include many forests and shallow lands, and it also contains at least 28 types of mangroves, in addition to seaweed basins and coral reefs, in addition to 88 species of birds, some of them are endangered, such as the Malaysian slug, the Asian ditch, and it can be Also found were 82 species of fish, 18 species of reptiles, 3 of amphibians and 17 species of mammals, including the dugong (endangered animal), gibbons and black porpoise. And the inhabitants of this region practice many different activities such as hunting, harvesting and caring for palm trees. In the Gulf there are world-class areas in addition to the most important thing which is the beautiful landscapes.

    The most important island in the Gulf is James Bond Island, famous for its many leather rocks associated with the sea, as it appeared in one of the James Bond films and precisely the movie The Man with the Golden Gun, just as Bannah Bay has appeared in another James Bond movie, which is a movie tomorrow, no Dies .

Ban Na Bay

The fourth tourist area in Thailand


    The Thai city of Pattaya is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the world, because of its wonderful innate beauty, the splendor of tourist attractions and entertainment and their diversity, which attract individuals and families, to enjoy and relax, and to have a quiet and ideal vacation, away from the hustle and bustle of large cities. It is also distinguished by the constant smile of its residents, welcoming the city’s guests from everywhere.

    Pattaya is full of charming gardens, which are distinguished by many activities and activities, such as the Elephant Village, Pattaya Crocodile Farms, Sirborne Farm and others. The city is also famous for its unique and delicious dishes, such as coconut cakes grilled on charcoal, which is called "chu", in addition to dishes of Chinese origin; It consists of a specific type of lobster, cooked in Chinese and Thai style, and a spiced papaya salad. There are many health resorts in Pattaya that provide massages, massages, traditional and natural treatments, and the modern mall that has opened soon (Terminal 21). In addition to the many attractions that make tourists visit the picturesque and charming city of Pattaya.



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