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Best Alternative App Stores for Android and iOS

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 Oftentimes, we are unable to download a particular app from the Apple Store or Android because it is not available in the country or for any other reason, which leads us to search for it in alternative app stores.

Why do we use alternative app stores?

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 In general, the Apple and Android stores don't have any flaws at all, but using third-party app stores gives us different outlets, considering the security precautions.

 Furthermore, third-party app stores pay for downloads and often offer more commercially advantageous deals than the App Store and Google Play.

 However, is it worth using these third-party stores? In fact, there are pros and cons to this.

 Many of these stores offer low-cost premium versions of the apps or offer offers to save money, there are no download fees and you can promote your app by showing it as “App of the Day” or offering ad discounts to app owners.

 Moreover, developers have more chances to rank their apps higher in alternative stores since Google Play Store and App Store are overcrowded.

 And testing MVP apps for free becomes another great opportunity for developers compared to Google Play, which charges a one-time registration fee of $25, and Apple App Store, which charges an annual fee of $99.

 Some third-party app stores also focus on a smaller set of apps filtered by quality, age, or purpose.

 For example, if you offer a local app for certain countries, alternative stores may be a more profitable option for you.

 And if you are one of those people who is interested in mod versions of your favorite apps, then alternative app stores might be the perfect solution.

 As for the negatives, the most obvious danger is malware. With third-party app stores, security policies vary from store to store.

 Similar security protocols such as Google and Apple are integrated into some alternative app stores, while others show a rather poor user experience.

 In addition, some app stores may also distribute illegal versions of apps and games, and some operations may turn out to be not transparent.

 Experts in this field suggest reading the terms and conditions carefully for any third-party app stores that you are considering using.

Best app stores for Android

 It's only for free Android apps, which means it literally doesn't cost you anything to download your app. In this app store, the main focus is on games and entertainment.

 Developers can use 1Mobile Market to test beta versions and free versions of paid apps.

 Just like many other stores, it offers a standard 70/30 split. A special software development kit (SDK) is also required for in-app billing.

 A1 Apps Store Market offers millions of apps with detailed descriptions, and this app store lets you set notifications for upcoming apps based on your interests.

You can also block certain categories, such as games, from appearing in search results.

 ACMarket is specifically designed for apps that have been hacked or modified. It is one of the largest unofficial app store with more than 15 thousand apps.

 As this app store is constantly under development and making improvements, it frequently provides new updates.

 Amazon Appstore is one of the best alternatives to Google Play. This store has a cross-platform analytics service, and it's very easy to navigate for developers.

 On top of that, Amazon pays its developers nearly 70% of the app's listed price and in-app purchases.

 The Amazon Appstore also offers application compatibility testing that automatically detects problems for developers. He also has the Appstore Developer Select, a developer reward program that offers free ads and boosts customer acquisition with Amazon Coins.

 This store does not have a dedicated original app, and you can find multiple variations of the same app.

 This app store allows you to download apps and store them as APK files, which means you need to visit their website to download these files.

Also, APKMirror provides a daily updated list of apps that match your interests.

Best App Stores for iOS

 AppCake is a native application that allows you to install IPA files on your iOS device. The ultimate advantage of the store is the many apps that do not have in-app ads.

 AppValley is a store with tons of modded apps. Its advantage is that users can access higher rated unlocked games and modded apps like Snapchat ++. It's all safe and secure.

 One of the leading among iOS i. The store features both paid and free apps. However, the downside is that you can only access users with jailbreaking tools.

 Emus4U Store not only offers apps, its users can download themes and wallpapers without jailbreaking as well.

 Moreover, you can also customize the applications shown. The store features many applications such as junk file cleaner which cannot be found in the traditional app store.