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Jack Ma, they turned him down at 30 jobs to become China's number one billionaire

Jack Ma, they turned him down at 30 jobs to become China's number one billionaire

 Jack Ma, someone who twice failed to enter college and then applied to work, but all his job requests were rejected. He applied to the police as a volunteer, but was refused again. Someone who has suffered from all the obstacles of life but did not give up. Today I will introduce you to a success story that has reached all countries of the world and has become an important source for many. And you would love to know it, maybe it will add something new to your life.

Jack Ma's upbringing and life

 On October 15, 1964, the Chinese "Jack Ma" was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. Jack was from a poor family of 3 children. Jack Ma was weak and emaciated. He always said, "I never feared my opponents who were older than me." Since his childhood, he had many dreams and hobbies.

 In his early childhood, Jack Ma failed his elementary exams, not once, but twice! He failed his test during his middle school exams.

 In 1972, US President "Richard Nixon" visited Hangzhou, which is the birthplace of Jack Ma. Turning it into a tourist city for tourists. So Jack decided to take advantage of the opportunity and was dealing with tourists and guiding them about the places in the city, which made him fluent in the English language.

 When he applied to universities after high school, Jack failed his entrance exams three times, before finally joining Hangzhou Normal University. He even submitted a written request to Harvard ten times for them to accept it and it was rejected each time. This was only during his education!

As for the work of "Jack Ma"

 During and after obtaining his bachelor's degree. Jack tried to get a job in many places, failing every time he found the doors locked in his face. Jack failed to get a job even though he applied 30 times! In his interview, he states, “When KFC came to China, 24 people went to work. Twenty-three people were accepted. I was the only one who rejected it. He decided to apply to work in the police with 5 other people. He was the only person who was rejected. ”

 In one of his interviews, when asked about the reason for which he had always refused, he replied, “Well, I think we should get used to that. Overcoming the pain of rejection and addressing those rejection cases was an opportunity to learn and grow, and this is what made Jack Ma.

 If someone else was in his place, he might think that he was lean or that he had been exposed to magic or the eye. Certainly, he will blame the government or the state. But did Jack Ma go home and lay down and say I have no luck in the better life to sleep? Of course no, Jack didn't have a goal in life and was strong-willed.

Jack Ma, they turned him down at 30 jobs to become China's number one billionaire

The point that will change Jack Ma's life

 After Jack Ma finally comes up with all of his rejections and failures. He decided to visit the United States in 1995, for a government project related to highway construction. At that time, Jack Ma first knew there on the Internet and computers.

 Computers were fairly rare in China, given the high costs of acquiring a computer and the Internet, and neither the Internet nor e-mail messages existed. The first word that he searched for in the "mosaic" browser was beer, and at that time he found a lot of information about beer in many countries and in many languages, but the amazing thing that changed his thinking is that he did not find any information in the Chinese language, and this is what surprised him, because a country of this size is like China and not You find any information about him, he continued to search in general about China, but he did not find anything also, how? And why? . All of these questions were on Jack Ma's mind

 Here Jack's brain did not start working where he decided to create a website that talks about China in general, and he and his friends were able to create a site, the site was ugly, but it was okay, after a short period of creating the site he began to receive many messages from Chinese people wanting to know On him and on his website at the time, Jack Ma realized that the Internet is a gold mine. Rather, a diamond and sapphire mine is something through which it can achieve many gains.                  

The idea of ​​creating a website that competes with eBay

He had a giant idea in his mind, which is to compete with eBay and other American sites

 In April of 1995, Jack Ma, his wife, and some of his friends managed to collect $ 20,000. In order to establish an Internet company whose job is to establish corporate websites, they named the company China Yellow Pages

 Within 3 years, the company was able to achieve revenues estimated at about 5 million yuan, equivalent to 800 thousand dollars.

 One day, when Jack Ma was in a cafe in San Francisco, he asked one of the waitresses there, "What do you think of when you hear the name Ali Baba?" She replied: "Open sesame."

Here Jack shouted: "This is the name I'm looking for."

 Jack's choice of the name Ali Baba was not random. He wanted a name that people would associate with the phrase “Open Sesame,” like the one we read about in the story of Alibaba and the Forty Thieves, and it is the slogan of the Alibaba website, which opens the door to the cave of China's hidden treasures.

His home was the headquarters of his company

 Jack Ma took his home as headquarters for Alibaba, and in the same year he founded it, he was able to obtain financing in the amount of $ 5 million. In 2000 he succeeded in obtaining another $ 20 million in financing

 Thus, Jack Ma continued to develop the company until it became the largest global market that combines supply and demand on Internet sites ... and now it generates millions in revenues.

 In September 2014, a report was released that raised the value of Alibaba to 153 billion in the New York Stock Exchange stock market. Today, Alibaba has become one of the largest companies in the world, but has turned into a holding company and includes 9 large companies under it.

 In November 2012, the volume of commercial transactions on "Alibaba" exceeded one trillion yuan, making Jack what the nickname trillion is what literally means in Chinese the marquis of trillion yuan.

 The biggest day in Alibaba's history is Chinese Singles' Day, an answer to Valentine's Day that is supposed to celebrate the country's bachelor classes. In 2016, the site recorded close to $ 25 billion in sales in just 24 hours. And two billion dollars in the first two minutes of the annual shopping day in China.

Where is Jack Ma now

 Jack became one of the richest men in China with a fortune estimated at 46.6 billion dollars and is ranked 20th among the richest in the world, according to Bloomberg magazine, as he had only 60 thousand dollars before 15 years, but after his wife died of cancer. This is because of the severe pollution in China. He decided to leave his position as an executive director at Alibaba in 2013 to take care of the environment, its pollution and so on.

He also told the Financial Times:

 "During the next twenty years we will face many health problems related to water and air safety, so I will invest a lot of my time and money to address these issues in China."

 I hope that this story motivated you, at least a little, to do something in your life and not to give up at all costs, and to also know that behind every evil there is a good waiting for you.

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