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8- Places That Were Built For Strange Reasons!


Places That Were Built For Strange Reasons!

 Many architectural structures are famous for their unusual construction and formation. Other places whose fame was the motive for building them in the first place. Just like the places we review in the article below.

Strange motives behind the construction of these places in the world! 

1-The largest tree house ever!

Places That Were Built For Strange Reasons!

 A man named Horace Burgess built the world's largest tree house, 97 feet high, claiming God had asked him to. The tree house took 14 years to build, and it burned down in just 15 minutes!

 The house was located outside Crossville, Tennessee, in a church that is still intact. Bruges spent $12,000 to build the treehouse. It consisted of five floors, 80 rooms and a bell tower at the top.

 In 2012, the masterpiece was reduced to ashes in just 15 minutes. The cause of the fire in the tree house is unknown. Police at the scene reported that the fire was so severe that they had to park 500 yards from the scene.

2-Queen's Village

Places That Were Built For Strange Reasons!

 Built by Queen Marie Antoinette, it is a fictitious village with a working farm and fictitious villagers in the backyard of the Château de Versailles.

 The purpose of building this beautiful country setting was so that the Queen could pretend to be a peasant whenever she wanted to! She used to come to this place whenever she was tired of her royal life, dressed in shepherd clothes and acted like a commoner.

3-death hotel

Places That Were Built For Strange Reasons!

 H, Holmes was a serial killer in the 19th century in the United States who opened a hotel he had designed and built just for himself to carry out murders there.

 The hotel included soundproofed bedrooms, trap doors, blowtorch-lined walls, human-sized stoves, gas rooms, and two stoves.

 Holmes has admitted that he killed 27 people at his ill-fated hotel, but there are disputes over the numbers that say the number could be less than nine or as high as 200.

 The building is designed very strangely. Some apartments had a lot of rooms, some had none. One of the floors had a maze, the other seemed normal.

 The hotel was built in 1892, and within just two years, Holmes was behind bars after discovering the purpose of the odd three-story hotel.

4-The pink house in the middle of the salt swamp

Places That Were Built For Strange Reasons!

  In the divorce settlement, the wife asked her ex-husband to build a replica of the family home, but she did not specify where.

 Therefore, her ex-husband built the house in the middle of a salt swamp and cleaned it only with salt water, making it uninhabitable.

 The house is called "Plum Island Pink House" and is located in the US state of Massachusetts.

5-Copies of American suburbs in Russia

 During the Cold War, the Soviets built fully functional replicas of American cities to train new agents.

 Retired agents taught the new interns everything they needed to know about integrating into American life within cities reproduced in Russia.

 During the training, the trainees were asked to eat hamburgers at McDonald's, watch American television, go to an American movie theater, and speak only English.

 These cities were never on the maps, and it was only after the capture of some spies in the United States that the entire layout appeared. 

6-Glass police station in the Republic of Georgia

Places That Were Built For Strange Reasons!

 The Republic of Georgia dismissed the majority of its traffic police, which consisted of 30,000 officers in 2004, for corruption.

 Then the government built a glass police station to encourage transparency. Since then, crime in Georgia has actually decreased, which has also increased the public's confidence in the traffic police.

7-Fort Blender Castle

Places That Were Built For Strange Reasons!

 In 1818, the United States began building a fort near the New York and Quebec borders to defend against the invasion of Canada. After two years of construction, they realized that the castle was actually on the Canadian side, so they abandoned it and renamed it "Fort Blender".

8-Weirdest cinema ever!

Places That Were Built For Strange Reasons!

 In 2004, police found a movie theater in the Paris catacombs equipped with a giant cinema screen, seating, projectors, movie reels, a fully stocked bar, and a restaurant complete with tables and chairs. 

The place is opened to visitors for a guided only tour around the heavily secured sections. 


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