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5 Historical Events that Sound Like Fiction but Are Actually Real

5 Historical Events that Sound Like Fiction but Are Actually Real

 Many historical events are hard to believe due to the strangeness of their details, which seem close to imagination! Just like the events we review in the article.

1-The woman who avenged her husband by turning into a pirate! 

The woman who avenged her husband by turning into a pirate

 In the fourteenth century AD, after her husband was beheaded for treason by the French king, Jean de Clison was so angry that she sold their property and bought three black warships with red sails, then became the "pirate queen" of the English Channel.

 Cleason targeted only French ships, and used to massacre every one of the French ships' crew except one so he could survive, go back to the French king, and tell them what happened.

 Jane did not succeed in killing the French king, and she retired in 1356 AD from piracy, and died peacefully in 1359

2- He came back from his death to punish his wife for not being sad 

He came back from his death to punish his wife for not being sad

 Known for his writing and eccentricities, Timothy Dexter was an 18th-century businessman who apparently earned huge rewards with the help of distressed transactions.

 He has positioned himself as a philosopher, and surprisingly his poorly written books have also become popular, even if they have tons of errors.

 Regardless of his fame, Dexter knew that his peers were neither fond of nor respected by him. Therefore, he faked his own death and wished people would mourn him excessively.

 He commissioned some of his most trusted men to organize the death prank and asked them to publish the news of his death. His wife and children learned about the trick and were asked to act and obey the prank.

 At the funeral, 3,000 people attended. His children played their part very well, his son was drunk enough to cry profusely, and his daughter also buried her face in her hands.

 However, when Dexter saw his wife sitting without tears and smiling, he secretly approached her in the kitchen and beat her with a stick for not doing enough.

 When other people entered the room, Dexter greeted them, then revealed himself to the audience and acted as if nothing unusual had happened.

3-The strangest historical events during World War II 

The strangest historical events during World War II

 The Battle of Etter Castle is considered the strangest historical event that took place during World War II, when Nazi soldiers fought alongside American forces.

 Just two days before the German surrender, on May 5, 1945 in Austrian North Tyrol, the Battle of Ittir Castle took place. The castle was used as a prison camp, and there were only notable prisoners.

 The 14 prisoners at that moment were free, but the nearby special forces ordered all of them to be executed. The prisoners needed urgent help to survive, so they sent their cook, Andreas Crobotton, on May 4 to seek help.

 Major Joseph Jungle found in Wargol, a Nazi soldier, and explained the situation. Jungle was disillusioned with Nazi ideology and defied orders to join the SS. Instead, he decided to help those who resisted them.

To control the situation, he approached the nearest American forces with a white flag, and that force was led by Captain Jack Lee, who agreed to help.

 On May 5, the Nazis and American soldiers defended the fortress against 100 to 150 SS soldiers who were intent on storming the castle.

 Once the allied German forces ran out of ammunition, relief forces appeared from the north at Lee's call for support. They expelled the Special Forces and imprisoned about 100 of them.

4- Lucky cat Sam is unsinkable 

Lucky cat Sam is unsinkable

 Sam the cat was owned by a crew on the German battleship Bismarck that sank on May 27, 1941. Only 118 of the 2,200 sailors aboard the Bismarck survived.

Fortunately, Sam was found aboard and rescued by the Allied ship HMS Cusack.

 Later on October 24, 1941, the Cossack was hit by a torpedo, so the crew had to move to another ship. The cat then received a special transfer to the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal, which was also torpedoed on November 14, 1941.

 Surprisingly, Sam survived that incident as well and died naturally in 1955. Sam is without a doubt one of the most famous cats in history!

5- Scientists who starved to death in the pantry!

 Nine botanists sacrificed themselves for science and the future. The team of researchers belongs to the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry.

 Their contribution has helped the Institute become one of the world's largest repositories of food genetic diversity. During the Nazi invasion, conditions at the institute became very harsh.

 It was cold, damp and dark - not very hot. Scientists also made additional efforts to smuggle prepared samples from Leningrad.

 The samples were sent to the Urals to a frozen lake in a storage facility. The inventory remaining in the institute was kept very securely, and no one was allowed to enter the storage rooms alone.

 Moreover, the scientists also found a small plot of land near the outskirts of the city to plant seeds because the cold conditions had reduced the viability of the seeds and they needed to be planted immediately.

 The Siege of Leningrad extended until 1944. The Soviet Union lost, but the Vavilov Institute did not, and the seed collection was preserved, expanded, and flourished during the post-war years.


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