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A Body Language Expert Weighs in on 7 Iconic Photos


A Body Language Expert Weighs in on 7 Iconic Photos

 Body language reveals what the tongue does not say, and the person tries to hide it as much as possible, especially if he is in front of the spotlight.

 Patti Wood, who has advanced degrees in body language analysis and nonverbal communication, and author of several books on the subject, is frequently called upon by law enforcement, hospitals, and universities to decode what some try to hide in critical situations.

 In the article, we review 7 iconic historical photos from which we only know the virtual side, while Wood gave her an explanation behind the feelings, looks, and physical expressions to give the picture a different and different meaning to what it looks like!

The truth behind the most famous historical photos according to body language Hitler and the little girl

Hitler and the little girl

 This photograph of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and a young girl dates back to 1935, and shows his attempt to treat a child as a kind of promotion of the image of the friendly leader.

 According to Wood, although Hitler welcomed taking numerous photographs of children apparently to make himself likable, neither he nor the children seemed comfortable with the photographs.

In this particular photo, Wood explains how the little girl appears to be doing everything she can to keep her distance from Hitler. Even Hitler himself does not seem comfortable bowing to her with apparent hesitation.

1-political body language

political body language

 In the aftermath of World War II, three Allied leaders met in Yalta to declare their status as victors over the Axis Powers.

 Seated from left to right are British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.

 Although both are, in fact, global leaders, the way they carry themselves out reveals a lot about the actual political dynamics at the time.

 Roosevelt, from his seated position, shows the pyramid of power in the photo. Although Churchill appears happy and open, according to Wood, he is more defensive, as if he is aware that he and his people are still vulnerable.

 As for Stalin, according to Wood's analysis, from his seated position - one foot in a ready position - it was as if he realized that he was the stranger among them and meant nothing to those next to him.

2-The handshake that never happened

 In this historic photo from Donald Trump's February 2020 speech, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi extends her hand to shake hands with the President. But were you surprised when Trump rejected it? 

 In fact, Trump's rejection was not alone! Although Pelosi's hand is outstretched, it is stiff, her fingers clasped together and pointing down, as if refusing to intertwine her hand with Trump's.

 Although her mouth and eyes are stiff and unfriendly, Trump doesn't look up to see them. His eyes are fixed on Pelosi's hand. In psychology, this view is one of disgust.

3-Princess Diana and her husband Prince Charles

Princess Diana and her husband Prince Charles

 By the time Charles and Diana posed for this photo during an official trip to South Korea in 1992, rumors were swirling about the couple's strained relationship.

 In this particular photo, the emotional dimension between the spouses is evident. Diana appears to be very protective of herself with her arms tightly folded forward, while Charles appears to be the master of power and in control of everything but with complete calm.

4-In contrast to the former, body language reveals feelings of interest here

In contrast to the former, body language reveals feelings of interest here

 In this photo, taken shortly after Meghan and Harry announced they were stepping down as full-time royals, Wood sees the couple's love and Harry's awareness that he's about to be put under public scrutiny.

 The two hold hands, and Harry pulls Meghan's hand closer to his body, in a gesture of affection. Harry's other hand is in front of his stomach, a defensive position Harry has taken for years but much less since Meghan entered his orbit.

5-The perfect couple

The perfect couple

 The epic love between Carol Lombard and Clark Gable is seen in this photo of the couple on their wedding day in 1939, according to Wood. They smile naturally, their bodies are relaxed, they lean toward each other, and they touch each other in a way that reveals a deep and sincere connection.

 Wood points out the way their arms and hands are intertwined, it's as if they are joining forces and gaining strength from each other.

 Tragically, their marriage lasted less than three years. In January 1942, Lombard died in a plane crash. Gabel married two more times, but when he died in 1960, it was his wish to be buried next to his first wife, Carol.

6-Nixon's resignation

Nixon's resignation

 It's hard not to feel sorry for President Richard Nixon when you consider the deep conflict his body language conveys in this photo, which was captured during his scandalous resignation.

 While Nixon offers a "thumbs up" as if he's saying it's all great, there is nothing so great about his facial expressions.

 Nixon's gaze goes down and his brows drop, as if he was feeling deeply shy. The way his nose curled and the corners of his mouth curled downwards also suggests that Nixon had some degree of disdain for the system that had betrayed him and undermined his presidency.