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Here’s What Those Colored Circles on Food Packages Actually Mean

Colored Circles on Food Packages

 You've probably seen these circles before on bags of chips and other food packages, and have you ever wondered what they mean? It certainly wasn't there for decoration!

1-Meaning of the information on the food packaging

Colored Circles on Food Packages

 Colors are an important way to reflect the content and flavor of different foods. For example, a Coca-Cola bottle with a yellow cap is different from a regular one, and the color of the M&Ms candy wrapper indicates that it's regular, crunchy, or caramelized.

 If you ever take a quick look at the back of a food package, you will find a large list of different nutrients and their percentage information, calorie content, and information on how to store and store.

 In addition, the back cover usually has brightly colored circles or squares like a secret code!

 These figures, contrary to expectations, do not refer to vitamins or minerals. Rather, they are not intended primarily for consumers, but for industrial engineers!

2-This is what the colored circles on food package labels mean

Colored Circles on Food Packages

 Colored circles on food packages can come in different colors: pink, yellow, blue, black, orange, purple, or green, in varying shades of light and dark.

 Apparently, these colored shapes are called “printer color blocks” or “process control patches,” and they are there to assist the printing team that prints food packages.

 When printing the package, technicians use color circles to verify that the printing ink is the correct color and quality. They compare color with printed boxes around the world to ensure brand color consistency.

 Most printers use only four colors: cyan (blue-green), yellow, magenta, and black. But some printers have additional colors such as orange, green, and violet.

 This helps them match tough colors like Home Depot orange and FedEx purple. Which is why you might see more circles printed on some packages - they have to check every color of ink! ”


 Colored circles on food packaging help printers match colors when printing food packaging and maintain brand consistency around the world. 

 This means you can reach for a yellow pack of M&Ms in Shanghai, Sarajevo or Sydney and know you'll get the same peanuts. Without these circuits, you will not get the same product packaging in different parts of the world.

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