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8 luxury homes and palaces that no one wants to buy, even if they are free


8 luxury homes

 Palaces have always been a symbol of elite and royal wealth. Besides luxury, living in luxurious homes and huge mansions requires constant maintenance or resettlement.

 But did you know that there are mansions that no one is willing to buy even if they are free or can be had for just one dollar? Most of these homes are either difficult to maintain or need to be resettled.

 Also, some of them are located so far away that it is difficult to sell them in the real estate market. In this article, we review 8 luxury homes that no one wants to buy!

Luxurious palaces and homes that no one wants to buy!

1-The Granot Palace of Loma 

  * Location: Michigan, United States

  * Price: 19 million dollars

 Granot Loma, a historic estate on the Upper Peninsula with the most expensive log cabins in the world. The property, which is located in a very remote location, is having a very difficult time getting any buyers.

 The property was originally listed for $40 million, but years went by without bids, and they lowered the price to $19.5 million.

 Its remote location, weather, old interiors, and restoration needs are all reasons why there are so few interested buyers.

 The mansion is one of the most viewed properties on Although they got some interested parties, none of the deals were executed.

 The place was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991. The original construction of this place cost only $5 million.

2-Lynwood Hall

   * Location: Pennsylvania, United States

   * Price: $16 million

lynwood hall

 Lynnewood Hall, a house full of wonderful secrets and many tragedies, has been on the market for several years now.

 The mansion is located in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, and was built in 1897. It is considered one of the largest neoclassical architectural buildings to be revived from the Golden Age.

 Built in 1900 for industrialist Peter A.B., the house cost $8 million to build and has 110 rooms. The owner lost his eldest son and grandson in the Titanic accident. Only his wife, Eleanor, survived.

 Later, after Widener's death, no one in his family wanted to take responsibility for the upkeep of the house. It was sold for $130,000 in 1948.

 The last owner was a secret leader of a Korean church who had intended to proclaim it a school to lower the property tax but failed.

 Real estate agents say maintenance costs about $3 to $7 million annually.

3-Aubrey Lewis' house

 * Location: Montclair, New Jersey

 * Price: $10!

aubrey lewis house

 Aubrey Lewis's home in Montclair, New Jersey was up for sale for just $10 when it was last listed in 2017 to attract buyers.

 The catch is that the buyer had to move it somewhere else. The board even offered a $10,000 transfer bonus, but it still couldn't find buyers.

 The 4,000 square foot Victorian mansion was expected to attract a lot of buyers due to the attractive price.

 On the contrary, it was never sold, and the city council had to demolish the place. The reason he didn't 

 sell it was because whoever was going to buy it had to move and move the house somewhere else, which would cost an expensive bill.

 The buyer will need an additional $200,000 to move the house and more fees to purchase a plot of land nearby.

4-Kochlin's house

   * Location: Minnesota, United States

   * Price: Free!

kochlin's house

A Minnesota homeowner is selling her four-bedroom home for zero dollars!

 Kochlin inherited the house from her grandmother in 2011 and is looking for a buyer to preserve its history. This house has to be moved because of the zoning problem. Moving the house will cost $50,000 and $150,000 for repairs.

 Until the death of the previous owner, the house was used as a storage unit as there was no electricity or plumbing.

 Koechlin considered turning the place into a complex, but the property was between a hill and a highway, which made it impossible to have a parking space.

 Today, she's offering it for sale for free, but she can't find an owner she can trust to keep the building intact and preserve its history.

5-Tudor style mansions 

  * Location: Boston Addison, Detroit

   * Price: 1000 dollars

tudor style mansions

 Tudor-style homes in Boston Edison, Detroit are listed for $1000. These mansions of seven bedrooms, 69 windows and an indoor fountain are all owned by the city in a widespread deserted area.

The mansions are listed at a city-hosted Detroit homebuilding auction and start at $10,000.

 Homes need extensive repairs to make them a livable place. These homes were built in the 1920s in the Boston Edison Historic District.

 It contains streets, large spaces, houses from the early twentieth century, and huge palaces. The mansions have an area of ​​4,200 square feet but are in dire need of extensive repairs.

6-SK Pearce Palace 

* Location: West Broadway, United States

 * Price: $472,100

sk pearce palace

 The S K Piece 1875 Victorian mansion has long been the source of some horrific stories for buyers. The mansion, built by Sylvester Pierce, appears to be haunted, as claimed by six experts on supernatural events.

 The mansion has inspired many films such as The Addams Family and Psycho with its mystical charm. Many researchers of the paranormal have confirmed that it is haunted.

7-Villa Maju

   * Location: California, United States

   * Price: $4.25 million

villa maju

 Although this property is enormous in size and has a swimming pool, tennis court, six bedrooms and other facilities, it hardly finds buyers due to its location.

 Despite the absolute luxury in the place, but it is located in an almost isolated area, and perhaps that is why the owner of the villa built a helipad for his helicopter due to its location.

8-Bubble Palace

   * Location: France

   * Price: $387

bubble palace

 Bubble Palace became the talk of the people in France after the death of its owner. Although it is not listed as a historic residence, the new owner cannot change anything in the mansion after purchase.

 The palace overlooks the Bay of Cannes and was once owned by the famous haute couture designer Pierre Cardin.

 The palace consists of 29 bubble-style rooms spread over six levels. It enjoys a 180 degree view of the Mediterranean Sea.