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The first dog cafe in Dubai

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The first dog cafe

The first dog cafe

1- Happy park day cafe

  The first dog café was opened in Dubai, and it was called Happy Park Day. The dogs in the café enjoy a high level of hospitality and service, offering them different foods, drinks, sweets, and cakes specially prepared to satisfy their tastes.

 The catering workers in the café perform their duties in the best way, as one of them welcomes the guests at the entrance to the café, in an effort to provide a high-level service that satisfies his customers of dogs of all ages and types.

2-Happy Park Day Café Services 

 Happy Park Day Café shares its various happy occasions with its guests and celebrates with it as well. The dog, Blanca, recently celebrated her birthday, the day before yesterday, and all her dog friends joined her in the celebration, and he participated in this party, which was held on the «Happy Park Day» Happy Park Day» all the workers there, as they rejoiced and played during the celebration.

 Happy Park Day is one of the few “cafes” in the area that caters exclusively to dogs, with a menu full of healthy meals designed by founder Kenseok Ko.