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A Japanese spends an exorbitant amount to turn into a dog! (video)


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Japanese guy looks like a dog

 A Japanese man obsessed with the idea of becoming a dog has spent all his savings on becoming a lookalike of his favorite animal.

 A Japanese man has fulfilled what he describes as his "life's dream" to look like an animal, posting a picture of himself on Twitter that left users of the platform confused.

 The Japanese called "Toko", resorted to a professional agency called "Zeppet", to make a costume that if he wears it, it will become exactly like the dog "Coli", which belongs to one of the dog breeds known in Japan, and it cost him about 2 million Japanese yen, and it took him to make 40 days period!

 According to local media in Japan, Zeppet Agency provides a large number of sculptures for films, commercials, and entertainment facilities and also produces costumes seen on TV and celebrity costumes in the country.

 "Toko" revealed to "news.mynaviand", the reason for choosing the "Coli" species, saying: "Coli made it because it looks real when I wear it. The best animals are cute animals, especially the foursome."

 He added, "I thought a large animal close to me would be fine, considering it would be a realistic model, so I decided to make it a dog... Long-haired dogs can hide the human figure, so I made the Collie, my favorite dog breed."

 When asked if he could move his limbs freely, Toko replied, "There are limitations, but they can be moved...However, if I move him a lot, I won't look like a dog."