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  It is very rare to find a person who does not know the Joker even if he is not a follower of the movies and the strange thing is that the character who mastered the role of the Joker the most was Heath Ledger.

Who is Heath Ledger

    Heath Ledger is an Australian actor, born on April 4, 1979 in Perth, Australia. His father is Kim, a professional racing car driver. Like most successful artists and the most famous in the world, Heath’s start was very normal at the beginning. Small roles in films or series that were not very budgetary.

    But of course, Ledger did not remain in small roles and tried to act in bigger roles until 1997 came, the year in which Ledger's face will be known to producers and directors. In that year he appeared for the first time on the cinema screen in a drama called "Blackrock".

    And the last point that opened the way for him to the world of stardom was the year 1999 when he appeared in the movie "10 Things I Hate About You" alongside actress Julia Stiles, and this film is what made the final shift in his career.

The role of the Joker and its effects

    Years passed until the moment came when Heath Ledger would participate in the best movie role in his entire life, and perhaps the role he mastered just like no other actor has done, which is the role of the Joker in the movie "Dark Knight"

    The role of the Joker was among the most difficult roles he played in his life, Heath said in his diary that he wrote before filming the movie, in which he talked about the stages of his preparation for the role of "the Joker" "I sat in a London hotel room for about a month, and closed myself away, and proceeded to Writing small notes, and I tested the character's voices to choose the best of them, it was important to find a touching and funny voice at the same time to some extent, I agreed with myself in the end that I would embody a psychopath, someone who has the least degree of conscience towards his actions, it is just A psychopathic clown, and he kills in cold blood. ”

    Although Batman is the hero of The Dark Night, of course, because he is the savior, and the savior of Gotham City from the bad guys, audiences all over the world and even critics considered that the actual hero of the movie The Dark Night was the Joker, this character that the actor Heath Ledger excelled in performing surprisingly, and He was able to dress the evil character in all the details, even in the way of moving the features of the face, and perhaps not only that, but if you watch the movie with concentration, you will find that the Joker was saying sentences to her after a very deep philosophical and logical dimension.

Strange events that happened during the filming of the movie

   One of the strange things also, but it is true, is the famous Joker makeup that was not designed by any of the workers in the film from the engineers and makeup experts, but rather Heath Ledger himself designed this make-up and presented it to the director Nolan and was really amazed and asked the makeup team to adopt this design as the basis for the character of the Joker, and repeat Make this look every day

   One of the strange things about this movie is that there was a clip, which is one of the famous shots, which is a snapshot or scene of the famous Joker clapping, and in fact this applause was from Ledger's improvisation and was not mainly present in the scenario. Director Nolan said about this improvisation: “In the scene of the Joker being held, we found Heath stands suddenly and calmly, applauding the frightening and exciting way you saw in the movie.

   And also there is another shot that actually frightened the actor Michael Caine, not acting during the filming. The shot is the scene of the Joker breaking into Batman's party with the gang, and when he opened the elevator and entered the Joker carrying the gun, the Joker meets Batman's assistant (Michael Caine), who was supposed to say a sentence of what was in the script, but because he sees Ledger for the first time in the Joker character in the filming, he is frightened And he forgot what sentence he was supposed to say Michael Caine later said that the appearance and attendance of the Joker were really terrifying. And when he saw him, he completely forgot what he should have said, and although he forgot the sentence and did not say it, the director ordered the continuation of filming, so the scene was approved exactly as it is in the film.

Movie success

   The Dark Knight was such a success that it was nominated for 8 Oscars during the 81st awards ceremony. Where "Heath Ledger" won the award for best supporting actor for portraying the character of the Joker, and his victory was the first of its kind in the major Oscars categories for a movie that embodies the character of a superhero, who is Batman. Usually, this award is not given to the movies of superheroes. On RottenTomatoes, the movie won 94% of the critics' approval.But Heath Ledger was not there to take his award

Death of Heath Ledger

   On January 22, 2008 on Brum Street, New York, Teresa Solomon entered Heath Ledger's room to clean it and thought that the room was empty, but it was not empty. Rather, Heath was lying on the bed. I thought he was asleep, so she continued cleaning the room without making any noise so that he would not wake up. Heath was not asleep, but was dead and laying on the bed His body was taken to the hospital, and after the autopsy was completed, it was found that the cause of death was an overdose of some of the medicines that he was taking.

   Lots of rumors spread that Ledger had committed suicide for unknown reasons. Some have said that he committed suicide because of the personality of the Joker that may have taken over him. It was also said that he had read dozens of books and almost became psychologically ill because of his preparations to play the role of the Joker character because it is one of the most difficult characters that would meet any representative of the amount of evil in it .. so that Heath himself stated before that he lives psychological and nervous pressure because of this psychopathic personality,which is She has no conscience about her evil deeds.

   Of course the owners of the conspiracy theory is necessary to stick their noses, so everything said that Freemasonry was the one who killed him for unknown reasons."Heath Ledger" died on January 22, 2008, and it is strange that the day after his death, Heath Ledger's name became the second most searched name on Google, as 10 of the 20 search words included all things related to "Heath", his ex-fiancée and their daughter. " Milda Ledger, his apartment title (421 Broome Street), and his blockbuster Ten Things I Hate About You and Brokeback Mountain.

   It is also interesting that the Americans did not know how to spell his name correctly, as it was the second most searched name on Google associated with it, using the name “Keith” instead of “Heath”.    

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