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Who is the founder of Rolex watches | the most expensive watch company in the world?



  Rolex watches, the watch whose name we hear whenever we can only imagine its astronomical price. The watch that only the famous and rich people of the world wear, and even kings and heads of state are racing to own the most expensive Rolex watch. This watch has exclusive features that others do not possess, but the most important four questions are. Why are Rolex watches so expensive? Who is the founder of this company or this brand? How much is the most expensive Rolex watch in the world? What is the reason for the popularity of this fairy watch? The final question is who owns the luxury Rolex watches?

    Now you will know all the answers ...

Who is the founder of Rolex watch?






Hans Wilsdorf

  The Rolex Watch Company was founded in 1905 AD by the German Hans Wilsdorf, who was born on March 22, 1881 in Bavaria, Germany, where he lived as an orphan, and worked for the first time in a watch factory in Switzerland in La Chaux-de-Fonds. When he was 19 years old, he trained under a famous exporter of watches in Switzerland, every year that passed by him while he was in this company. His love and passion for the watch industry is growing.

  One day, he founded a watch import company in cooperation with his brother-in-law, Alfred Davis, and they named it (Wilsdorf & Davis). They were residing in Britain at the time, and this was the beginning of the dream of establishing a Rolex watch company.

  Their plan at this point through the company was very clever. They were importing watches made in Switzerland and packing them in luxurious British-made boxes. And as a final touch, they used to engrave the letters of their first names on the boxes, "W&D". The letter D was for Davis and W for Wildsdorf and they were selling it to the goldsmiths at reasonable prices. Then the goldsmiths, in turn, engrave their names on the watches and sell them at high prices.

  He always had a dream and a goal, which was to create an elegant and accurate wristwatch with its timing and mechanical movement. Perhaps the idea would be rejected. Because at that time wrist watches were inaccurate, he faced a great challenge, which was to convince people of the usefulness of this watch and convince those who would buy it as well. So he made the planning and actually started preparing watches that were manufactured by a Swiss company in Biel. And indeed, as expected, the watches he made were extremely accurate.

Why did Hans Wilsdorf choose Rolex?

  The next step was to choose a name for this watch. Hans Wilsdorf wanted to choose a short, unique, easy-to-pronounce name that could be memorized quickly, and it speaks the same expression in any language in the world, just this observation The idea to choose a name that speaks easily in any international language is an intelligent business thinking, a name that looks beautiful on the movements of watches and dials. And the name was Rolex


  According to the official Rolex website, Hans said about his choice of this name. “I tried to collect the letters of the alphabet in a variety of ways. Which led me to hundreds of names, but I was not convinced of any of them. One morning, on the top floor of a horse-drawn carriage, near Sheepside in London, a voice whispered the word "Rolex" in my ear.

  But the source and meaning of the Rolex name remains to this day a secret and unknown, but some believe that the name has something to do with a French word, "horlogerie exquise", which means carefully selected watches. After his establishment of the company and his choice of the name, his business began to flourish, so he decided to travel to Switzerland, specifically Geneva in 1919, to become it. The headquarters of his company that will one day conquer the world.

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Precision and craftsmanship define Rolex watches

 One of the most important things that Rolex focused on was the precise, chronometric movement of the watches. This was the reason why a Rolex watch became the first wristwatch in the world to receive Swiss accreditation for chronometer accuracy by the official watch evaluation center at Biel in 1910.

  And every person who does his job has his share of success. In 1914, that is, only four years after that milestone in the history of Rolex, and because of its chronometric accuracy, the "Q" observatory in Britain rewarded a Rolex watch by awarding it an "A" status, a distinction that was not granted until now. Time except for nautical chronometers only. All these events contributed to making the Rolex watch associated in people's minds with its high precision. The wealthy class is now racing to buy and own the best types of Rolex watches.

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