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The 10 hottest regions in the world 🔥 will burn your skin while you are standing in your place ( part two)




  6 - the desert of Lot

The Lot Desert is located in southeast Iran and is one of the largest deserts in Central Asia.

   The heat in that place is so terrible that no plant or animal life has been found, not even bacteria that are known to live in the harshest conditions in the world, and for this reason, the corpses of the dead do not decompose in the Loot desert, but rather dry up with heat and turn into mummies.

   In this strange desert, the temperature reaches frightening levels, so it is considered the hottest desert in the world. In 2008, the temperature reached 63 degrees Celsius, and one of the (NASA) satellites recorded the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth, which was 71 degrees Celsius.In the desert of Lot.

   By the way, I know that some of you may ask why it is called an acorn, because this is the name of the Prophet Lot.

   Indeed, it is said that our master Lot, peace be upon him, remained in this area before he went to the Dead Sea region in Jordan, and God knows best.

the 10 hottest regions in the world

  the desert of Lot

7- Australia Queensland

   Also what you do not know about Australia is that it is the driest inhabited continent in the world So much so that the fires that afflict Australia have become very frequent, in 2009 only 173 people were killed and 400 people were injured due to fires caused by the blazing heat, and that day was Saturday and was called Black Saturday and according to NASA, the surface temperature of these deadly lands in 2003 reached more than 69 degrees Celsius.

the 10 hottest regions in the world

Australia Queensland

8- Kuwait-Kazma

July 24, 2016
   It was an unforgettable day in Kuwait and Kuwait, maybe they will tell you that, according to the International Meteorological Organization World Meteorological Organization Known WMO.
   The heat intensified so tragically and terrifyingly that the thermometer reached a level not reached before in the world in any region
The temperature reached 54 degrees Celsius and it was recorded in the “Mutriba area, close to Iraq, and this is why this news was reported by most of the international media.

  Even some historians say that Kuwait was the destination of the famous Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta when he said in his book: “I passed by a land below Basra (southern Iraq) called Kazma; The jinn do not inhabit it from the intensity of the heat, ”and this sarcasm from Ibn Battuta indicates that this place is so hot that even the jinn cannot live in it.
   It is the area in which the Battle of Dhat Al-Salasil took place between the Muslims led by Khalid bin Al-Walid and the Persians led by Hormuz.

the 10 hottest regions in the world


9- Iraq Basra

   Iraq recorded the second hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth, exactly in (July 23, 2016) Exactly in the city of Basra, southern Iraq, at 53.9 Celsius, which is half the boiling temperature of water, and it came in second place because the first place went to Kuwait, which recorded 54 degrees on the same day.

On that day, many people posted pictures of cars burning due to the intense heat.

 Iraq Basra

10-Death Valley, USA

   This region is considered one of the lowest and driest regions in the world. This valley is located in the Mojave Desert in California, and is considered the largest nature reserve in the world with an area of ​​more than 3.3 million acres.

   Indeed, this valley is aptly named, as many people died trying to cross it in an attempt to search for gold.

   On July 10, 1913, the highest temperature ever measured on the planet in a residential area was recorded at 56.6 ° C.

   On Sunday, June 31, 2013, the thermometer was placed inside a frying pan in the valley. The scale recorded a temperature of seventy degrees Celsius. According to what some of the media said, but this is probably due to the Maadi fryer originally, so I reached the 70th.

   With all these records, the "Valley of Death" was converted into a national reserve and a national monument was erected there in 1933.

 Death Valley

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