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Ten most expensive liquids in the world You own one of them




5- Chanel No. 5 perfume costs $ 26,000 per gallon

   It would be silly to compare the liquid of a perfume with blood or insulin, since it is a natural fluid that is invaluable in the healthy body. But it is the truth, as market numbers dictate. It was produced in 1922 after the collaboration of chemists Ernst Biox and Coco Chanel. Bayux worked on a number of potential samples for the fragrance, and Coco chose the fifth. This is how the legendary perfume got its famous name: Chanel No. 5!

4- Blue horseshoe crab blood: $ 59,000 per gallon

    Horseshoe crab blood has a strange bright blue color because it contains hemocyanin, the protein that carries oxygen in the blood. It is characterized by containing copper while our blood is red because it contains hemoglobin, which contains iron for the transport of oxygen.

   But this is not the only reason for hunting horseshoe crabs. What makes it a treasure trove for medical laboratories and drug research companies is the horseshoe cancer blood clotting rate that is fast for the least amount of bacterial contamination of one part of a trillion parts! Even better, the reaction is visible in just 45 minutes. Not a full two days, as happens with the blood of other mammals.


3- LSD

 Lysergic acid diethylamide or the popular drug LSD has a really interesting history. With its early spread in the 1960s among hippies, pop stars and anti-cultists at the time, LSD was known exclusively for its ability to create whole worlds of hallucinations mixed with feelings of paranoia, inspiration, and spiritual elevation.

   Steve Jobs himself, the founder of Apple, used to say most of the time when he took LSD that it gave him the most profound and inspiring moment in his life.With this said,we absolutely do not recommend you to try this notorious drug because the deaths associated with it are endless. Its price is $ 123,000 per gallon.


 2- The Poison of the king cobra snake, the price of one gallon comes to 153 thousand US dollars

  My friend, you should know that the more a liquid is 100 percent fatal and no escape from it, the more expensive and more demanded it becomes in the market. And the bite of the poisonous king cobra snake is enough to kill a huge elephant! You should be calling it so colossal for the price of a Ferrari.

   The strange thing here is that the king cobra snake is milked to extract its deadly poison, which contains a crude protein used to manufacture the pain reliever known as Ohanin, an amazing analgesic that is about 20 times stronger than morphine without noticeable side effects. The price of one gallon reaches 153 thousand US dollars


1- Scorpion venom: $ 39 million per gallon

  Hey 39 million yes 39 million, you read the number right! Remember the previous rule, “The more the liquid is 100 percent fatal and does not escape from it, the more expensive and more sought-after in the market, and the poison of a scorpion comes with a confirmed documented testimony of the death of the one who bites it. However, what makes scorpion venom so fabulously expensive is that it contains proteins that treat autoimmune disorders such as enteritis, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.


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