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The 10 hottest regions in the world 🔥 will burn your skin while you are standing in your place ( part One )


The 10 hottest regions in the world

1- Kebili, Tunisia

   The city of Kebili is located in the center of Tunisia, and according to weather experts, it is considered one of the hotter regions of the African continent. The temperature in this oasis in the desert reaches the point where eggs can be fried, as it was recorded at 55 degrees Celsius in this area.

   Because of the city's ancient history that stretches back thousands of years, locals have been able to develop several ways to endure this difficult environment, as they are constantly storing water to try to reduce this temperature. The city is world famous for its production of dates.

Kebili, Tunisia

2- Ghadames, Libya

   Ghadames, Libya, is located in northwestern Libya. Its temperature is almost the same as the Tunisian city of Kebili, and it reaches an average of 40 degrees, meaning that this temperature is only average and it is also an oasis in the desert, because of the extreme heat, its residents live in houses with thick mud walls to protect them from High temperatures.

   It is considered within the World Heritage areas, and it is one of the oldest cities, with a desert climate, almost no rain, so the annual average of rainfall is about 33.1 millimeters. The maximum temperature is 55 degrees.

Ghadames, Libya

Ghadames, Libya

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3-Timbuktu, Mali

   The city is located on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert, 10 miles north of the Niger River. The city is surrounded by sand dunes, and its streets are often covered with sand. Temperatures reach record temperatures in this hot location (54.4 ° C).

Timbuktu, Mali

4-Phoenix Aria

   Phoenix Area in Arizona, USA. Indeed, this region is named after her, because in Arabic it is called the Phoenix area. And we know that the phoenix is ​​a mythical fiery creature among the Arabs, the temperature in the shade reaches 60 degrees Celsius. Approximately one million and 600 thousand citizens live in it. Citizens can never go out in that heat. They hide in their homes in the summer and do not go out at all except for necessity.

   One of the funny things about this area is that some people in Phoenix have had a strange experience. They placed a biscuit on the roof of a car on the street, left it for several minutes, and returned to find it completely cooked as if it were in an oven.

   Simply going out for more than 10 minutes in the open air in the summer without protection will expose his life to death from dehydration or a fatal heatstroke that he will not survive, therefore, citizens are often warned of this repeatedly.

Phoenix Aria

5- Wadi Halfa, Sudan

   This valley is located in northern Sudan, very close to the Egyptian border, and it is considered one of the hottest areas in the world. It is also the driest area
In April 1967 the temperature reached 53 degrees Celsius.
Even in 2015, 16 people died due to a high temperature
Wadi Halfa, Sudan

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