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The most beautiful tourist places in Peru, the best and most wonderful tourist areas in Peru.





 Wonderful country of Peru. Peru is one of the most beautiful and best tourist countries in western South America. Because of the many wonderful and picturesque views that it enjoys, beaches with golden sand and clear blue waters, and the activities that take place in this mythical country, and the most important thing is the wonderful Peruvian people who receive all the races in the world and welcome them so in this post we will By showing you the most important tourist areas located in this mythical country.

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The first tourist area in Peru

1-Lake Titicaca.

    Lake Titicaca is one of the highest lakes in the world, as it is located at an altitude of 3,812 meters above sea level. The lake is located on the border between Peru and Bolivia in the high plateau of the Andes. The average depth of the lake is 107 meters, and its maximum depth is 281 meters and its area is 8,300 square kilometers. The western part of the lake belongs to the Puno region and the other part to the Bolivian department of La Paz. More than 25 rivers flow into the lake, and it has more than 40 islands, some inhabited. Some of these islands contain the remnants of Indian civilizations before the Spanish invasion of South America in the sixteenth century AD.

    Titicaca feeds from rain and melting ice in the Andes and loses part of its water that flows into the Desagadero River, which flows south through Bolivia until it reaches Lake Bobo in Bolivia. The largest part of the lake is what it loses from the evaporation of its water due to strong winds and strong sunlight.

lake titicaca

lake titicaca

Second tourist area in Peru


    Lima is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Peru. It is the cultural, economic and industrial center of the country and its transportation hub. The city lies between the rivers of Chillon, Rimak and Lorraine. With a population of close to 9 million, Lima is the fifth city in Latin America, after Mexico City, São Paulo, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. And it is on its way to be a global city.

    Lima founded the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pissarro on January 18, 1535, and called it the City of Kings. Then it became the capital and most important city of the Spanish crown in Peru. And after the Peruvian War of Independence, Lima became the capital of the Republic of Peru. For three centuries, Lima was the most important urban agglomeration on the South American continent. Lima and its suburbs have 8,380,000 people (according to the 2007 census), that is, a third of the country's population, and the city's industrial production constitutes about two-thirds of the country's industrial total.






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The third tourist area in the State of Peru        

3-Manu National Park

    Manu National Park extends over an area of ​​1.5 million hectares, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site listed in 1987. The park is located in southwestern Peru where the Andes mountain range meets the Amazon Basin. The park is in the provinces of Cusco and Madre de Dios. Manu National Park encompasses diverse ecosystems from lowlands and tropical forests to cool, high grasslands. The height of the park ranges from 150 to 4,200 meters above sea level. Conservation efforts began in Manu National Park in 1968 after its reserves were declared. In 1973, after pressure from local and international governors, a national reserve was declared. Today Manu National Park has restricted sections of undisturbed forest dedicated to local conservation, research, and subsistence.

manu national park

Manu National Park

Fourth tourist area in Peru

4-Machu Picchu

    Machu Picchu or the Lost Castle, Machu Picchu, in the Incan language, means “ancient mountain peak”. This city was built by the Inca people in the fifteenth century, this city is located in Cuzco in Peru between two mountains of the Andes mountain range at an altitude of 2340 meters above sea level, and on both sides of it is an abyss with a height of about 600 meters, the UNESCO classified this city On the World Heritage List in 1983. It is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

    On July 24, 1911, the American explorer Hiram Bingham discovered the ruins of the ancient city of Machu Picchu covered with dense tropical forests, and it is interesting that this city was discovered by chance, when he was looking for the ruins of the Incas that were destroyed by the Spanish, and after he climbed a mountain wall surrounded by many rocks and is not clear from the valley and the entrance had been Bazzal Dam many years ago. He saw the walls covered with papers, and the houses were carefully arranged, which indicated that a large city was established in this place to discover this city hidden in the clouds by its magnificent organization and construction. Then Machu Picchu began to show its wonderful civilization, slowly, to the modern world.

machu picchu

Machu Picchu

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