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How do you distinguish between an original and a counterfeit?

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 While finding an original product has become very difficult due to the large number of counterfeit products and the booming market of various types of goods, you can still differentiate between the original products and other than that through certain signs that you can check.

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 In this article, we present to you 10 tags that you can use as a reference or benchmark when buying products promoted as genuine, so you don't fall into the trap of professionally manufactured counterfeits!

10 signs that enable you to differentiate between an original and a counterfeit

1-Unusual price discounts


 Today, online purchasing has become very popular, on various services and goods. Because you do not inspect the item closely, it is easy to fall into the trap of counterfeit goods.

 But you can find out if the item you intend to buy is authentic by using the discount rate on its real price.

 Most of the time, the crazy discounts on well-known international brands indicate that the brand is not real.

 For example, if a Dior bag is offered at a 70% discount, then there is no doubt that it is a fake and not a real one.

2- Inaccurate packaging

 Good brands and companies care about packaging and pay great attention to the packaging process to bring the product to the customer in the best shape and condition.

 If the item is unprofessional or doesn't fit in the box, if the seller uses cheap, flimsy plastic or cardboard boxes, or the product arrives completely unpacked, that's another sign that the product is a counterfeit.

3-There are spelling and grammatical errors


 Another sign that can help you spot counterfeit products is mistyping of information, such as mistyping the brand name or grammatical or misspellings in product information or instruction manual.

 For example, write Hewlett Packard as Hewlet, or spell Louis Vuitton as Vitton. These brand name mistakes are intentional to attract customers who would normally gravitate toward the name without scrutinizing letter order or pronunciation.

If you find such grammatical errors, the product is undoubtedly not original.

4- Fake websites

 If you're shopping online, an easy way to spot counterfeit goods is to check the website.

 If the site is fake, so are its products! Check the URL and make sure the site is secure by searching for 'https' instead of http, as well as the padlock tag.

 You can also verify the authenticity of the site by pasting the website address on authentication checking sites, such as Scamadviser or Domaintools.

5-Poor quality of products

poor quality products

 Because cheaper alternatives are used, fakes are usually inferior. Sticky plastic, fake leather, cheap glass, poor-quality fabric, and old or used parts of electronic devices and gadgets are often used.

 Even the shape of the product packaging is different from the original. Therefore, if you have even a slight doubt about the authenticity of the product, follow your intuition and do not buy it.

6- Missing accessories

 Before buying, make sure that all device accessories or merchandise are available and not missing, especially when purchasing electronic devices.

Check wires, connections, sockets, warranty card and any other accessories that came in the box for the original product.

7- Neglecting details and mismatches

 Well-known companies usually print many features such as serial numbers or model numbers, codes, patent information, etc. on the product itself or the packaging.

 Because of so many details, counterfeits often overlook copies of them all. You can also check numbers on products online, especially for electronic items and devices.

8-Unprofessional logo printing

logo printing

 Like spelling and grammatical errors, logos also contain errors when it comes to counterfeit products.

 If you have a good background in brand logos, you can spot fake ones by checking the shape, size and location of the logo on the product or packaging.

 Even logo colors can reveal fake ones, and printed text can be blurry, misaligned, or illegible.

9- There are no contact details

 If the manufacturer's physical address, email, phone number, or contact details are not listed on the packaging, the product is not authentic.

10- Buying from unauthorized centers

 It is best to buy branded electronic items and appliances from authorized retailers, authorized resellers and original brand outlets.

 If you are getting a good discount elsewhere, check the store address by going online and make sure you have real contact details.