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interesting facts about the movie titanic ⛴ fun facts about titanic movie

interesting facts about the movie titanic ⛴ fun facts about titanic movie

Titanic ship

 The Titanic was one of the largest and largest ships in the world when it was constructed, as it was an integrated city running over the waters of the oceans, it was built to accommodate more than 3,500 passengers, and all sources of luxury and comfort were provided to its rich passengers and they were guaranteed to reach their destination as soon as possible, as it was powered by engines. The reciprocation was made especially for it, as the engine is 12 meters in height and equipped with cylinders with a diameter of 2.7 meters, which allowed it to generate a large amount of steam energy more than any other ship it was contemporary with, as it used to consume about 610 tons of coal per day to ensure access To its destination within the specified schedule, as it was in a race against time for its makers' desire to prove that it is the fastest ship in the world.

Who made the Titanic?

 Nearly a hundred years ago, the whole world was preoccupied with the Titanic accident, which killed nearly 1,500 people. Although all the survivors of the ship's passengers died, the Titanic incident is still stuck in everyone's mind. The construction of the ship for the White Star Line Company was started in March 1909 by the Harland and Wolf Shipbuilding Company in Ireland, and its construction was completely completed after 3 years before setting off on its only voyage after about 40 days and sinking through it.

interesting facts about the movie titanic ⛴ fun facts about titanic movie     

Causes of the sinking of the Titanic

  It is known that the sinking of the Titanic was due to colliding with an iceberg, which led to its crash. This interpretation was prevalent at that stage, but with the progress of studies in the field of materials science, scientists were able, with the help of samples from the ship's hull, to clearly determine the cause of its rapid sinking, and the reasons can be divided into two main parts, namely the materials used to build the hull and the design of the ship, and subsequently an explanation of the reasons


 The hull of the ship was built of steel, a metal known for its softness and it was expected that even if it collided with another object, it would bend without breaking. What studies overlooked at that time is that the properties of materials change when the temperature changes, and studies also showed high levels of sulfur and oxygen on the structure, and with the extremely cold water temperature in which the Titanic floated and the high percentage of oxygen that raised the temperature needed to change the properties of Steel, its properties changed from a soft metal to a hard, brittle metal, and therefore when it collided with the iceberg, especially at high speed, it quickly broke apart, which led to the entry of water into the lower rooms.

interesting facts about the movie titanic ⛴ fun facts about titanic movie

The design

 The lower chambers of the Titanic are designed to trap water in the event of a leak. When the disaster began, the stones were closed immediately as designed, but with the increase in the tilt of the ship due to the weight of the water that was added to it, another flaw in the design became clear, which is that the rooms were holding the water only horizontally, that is, as the water level increased, it leaked into the upper rooms. And the greater the leak, the greater the weight of the ship and thus the speeding up the sinking process

Titanic sank

 The sinking of the Titanic occurred on the evening of Wednesday, April 14, 1912 until the morning of the following Thursday, which was heading from Southampton in England to New York City in the United States of America through the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, carrying about 2,224 passengers, and at 23 o'clock : 40 According to the reports found on the ship on Wednesday evening, the ship collided with an iceberg, which caused it to sink two hours and forty minutes after its collision. Freezing due to extreme cold water.

interesting facts about the movie titanic ⛴ fun facts about titanic movie

 Although the ship's crew received more than one warning about the presence of a huge iceberg in the ocean waters, it was traveling at full speed when it approached the iceberg, so it was impossible for its crew to keep the ship away from the glacier and avoid colliding with it, and the collision caused the opening of a crack in The bottom of the ship extends over five consecutive compartments, which allowed the water to rush strongly into the inside of the ship. The Titanic was designed to remain afloat if four of its compartments were damaged rather than five as it happened, which caused the start of the tragedy and its sinking.

 The ship's crew resorted to sending relief and distress messages to nearby ships, but none of them were close enough to arrive before the ship sank, which caused the death of more than half of its passengers, in addition to the great shortage in the number of lifeboats on board the ship, the OMX Carpathia was the first The ships arriving at the sinking site of the Titanic at 9:15 am on Thursday, April 15th revealed to the world the terrible sinking incident that befell the Titanic.
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