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Ken Kotaraghi, inventor of PlayStation, initially mocked his invention to buy it after he succeeded.



Ken Kotaraghi, inventor of PlayStation, initially mocked his invention to buy it after he succeeded.

This article will bring back unforgettable memories. These memories are with Playstation.

The beginning of the inventor of playstation

 The story of the beginning of the PlayStation is really amazing, and in fact the story began at the end of the eighties and the beginning of the nineties, and the hero of the PlayStation project that changed the video game industry forever is engineer Ken Kutaragi.

 This guy had started working with Sony in 1975 and was the only person thinking about going against the tide. Everyone at that time was thinking of very poorly designed games, specifically in 8-bit color, while he was the only one who thought of making 3D games or triple games, and the reason why he felt excited to enter the world of video games is that one day he was sitting At his home, he was watching his young daughter play in one of the Nintendo games platforms, which was called Famicom, and he watched her playing and thought, and he knew that video games have a great future and have a lot of money and success.

Show the idea to Sony

 The idea was very enthusiastic, as it would be the first of its kind. He did not wait long and went directly to request a meeting with the CEO of Sony. And he actually met him and offered him the idea of ​​Sony entering the world of video games.

 The CEO rejected the idea and said that Sony is an advanced electronic and invention company that is the owner of the Walkman revolution, and the company's devices are directed to the world. The video game industry will spoil this great image of Sony. The fact that video games are aimed at children would have imagined that Sony would not be able to enter and compete in this field, since it had no experience in the field of video games against other large companies such as Nintendo, this is how he thought, but despite this Kotaragi tried to convince him more than once of the need to fund research in Field of Video Games.

 The problem was big and the reason was clear. Sega and Nintendo were the two dominating the world of video games to the point that Sega had reached 52% of its market share in Europe and America. With the first appearance of CD or CD technology. Video games with CD technology are more popular than the developers themselves imagined, and the reason for their spread is that they are cheaper than tapes. And normal games and immediately after hearing Sega with CD technology, she developed a device that supports this technology, and this step is about to eliminate Nintendo. So what did Nintendo contact Sony and tell them to cooperate. Of course, its goal was to survive the loss, bankruptcy and failure in front of Sega

Ken Kotaraghi, inventor of PlayStation, initially mocked his invention to buy it after he succeeded.

Sony and Nintendo partnership

 Indeed, the two companies cooperated in the first collaboration in 1988. Nintendo's request from Sony was simple, which is that they develop the CD-Rom 16Bit storage technology for them, but in the end, this cooperation was not intended to continue, as Nintendo felt a kind of fear that Sony could threaten it. It also became a stronger gaming company than it, so they broke the partnership, and Nintendo went to cooperate with Philips.

Sony's entry into the world of video games

 After that, Kutaragi's research began to take a faster and faster turn to the point where only four years later Sony came out to the world with the first announcement of a sophisticated and advanced gaming platform that no company had ever preceded, namely the Sony Playstation or as we call it PlayStation One, which was with technology. 32Bit was literally the most powerful gaming device in the world

 Nintendo was famous for Super Mario and other games. And Sega was famous for its racing games. It was the games that gave fame and success to these companies even greater than their success and their personal work as platforms.

 So Sony knew that the success of the PlayStation would not only be in the device itself, its strength and speed. Even if the best in the world, but in the companies that will manufacture and develop games running on the PlayStation platform, these companies must be very famous in the world of game development, such as Konami and Namco.

 It's just like what happened to Huawei in its last period with Google and Huawei's attempt to create its own system. The problem is not in creating a system like Android, for example, because it is not as difficult as you imagine, not. The problem is with the applications and developers who develop games and applications. So when you create a new operating system, developers must create applications that fit the system, and basically the system must be well known and known, otherwise those who will use their applications

Ken Kotaraghi, inventor of PlayStation, initially mocked his invention to buy it after he succeeded.

Sony's success

 This is what happened with Sony, and for this reason, I contacted major game developers to persuade them to make and develop 3D games and abandon the old technology, which is a two-dimensional technology. Sony contacted nearly 250 companies. Most of the requests were rejected by companies due to the high cost and risks of not succeeding. What happened is that Sony She bought a European games company for $ 48 million and then changed the name of the company and changed its name to Sony Interactive Entertainment.

 It is from this company that Sony launched to realize its dream to dominate the market for 3D video games

 And in December 1994, specifically at Christmas, the first version of the Sony PlayStation came to the market in Japan. No one could have imagined the fabulous success that this device would achieve.

 The price of the device was 39,800 thousand yen, or nearly $ 360 dollars. Within only three months of its launch on the market, Sony had sold one million devices.

 And directly in the next year, i.e. 1995, he entered PlayStation to America with a huge advertising campaign and sold 800 thousand devices from him in a very short period. The idea of ​​3D games was a profitable and successful idea and for the strength of the success of the PlayStation device, imagine with me that retail stores in America started communicating with Sony and sending It has reports of all quantities of the PlayStation running out. I mean, in a simple way, they say to Sony, send us more, so what we have is over. All the parts were sold in a short period.

By 2012, Sony had sold more than 155 million devices.

 Sony’s success did not stop even though it had already defeated all other competing companies. On March 4, 2000, it came out to the world with another beast. This time, this monster will bury the other companies forever. By the way, this device, which is still to this day, broke the world record in the number of sales that neither company nor company could Another device to reach is the Playstation 2.

 The first copy was released on March 4, 2000 in Japan, and in the first 24 hours it sold a million devices, and its sales reached more than 159 million units, and the PlayStation 2 still ranks the best-selling home device until the moment. Indeed, all devices were sent to stores and people attacked and sold at a terrible speed, especially When he arrived in America, where there were television reports from inside the stores, the events were transmitted directly.

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