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Confessions of an economic hit man | the confessions of an economic hitman book


Confessions of an economic killer

 Never in my life have I seen dead bodies, nor smelled the smell of rotting flesh, nor heard the cries of pain  But what I did was evil itself. Perhaps in the final analysis I see myself as more criminal and evil.”These were the words of one of America's most controversial figures. Especially after he wrote a book that established the world and did not sit in it until today. This guy is John Perkins and the book he wrote is Confessions of an Economic Hitman 

1-Who is the economic killer John Perkins? 

 Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. John Perkins is a personal memoir of John Perkins, a chief economist at Maine Corporation of America, born January 28, 1945. It was published for the first time in 2004 and  talks about diabolical and infernal ways invented by the United States of America to control the economies of the third world countries. He was personally one of the pillars of those demonic ways.Confessions of an Economic Assassin is a book that is taught in many universities and has been translated into more than 32 languages around the world, and translations are increasing with time, and for about a year and a half, it has been on the New York Times bestseller list for nearly a year and a half, 70 weeks.

Confessions of an economic killer

2-What is the job of John Perkins? 

 The official job assigned to John Perkins, according to his memoirs, was "Economic Hit Man." You are not going to ask who the economic killers are and what they do. In Confessions of an Economic Hitman, Perkins says, “Economic killers are highly paid professional men who deceive the nations of the world by extorting trillions of dollars. In this way, they transfer money from the World Bank. And from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and from other foreign organizations. Finally, it ends up in the coffers of huge corporations and the pockets of a few rich families who control the earth's natural resources. And their way to that is fraudulent financial reports. False elections, bribery, blackmail, sex temptation, and murder. They are playing a game as old as empires. But it is a game that in this global era has taken on new and terrible dimensions. 

3-The economic killer's way of controlling countries 

 In Confessions of an Economic Hitman, John Perkins says, the main target of the economic hitman is in two parts, Part One. Bringing developing and poor countries into a cycle of endless loans worth billions of dollars. And the economic killer is cunning to dress up the state with loans, deceiving it and luring it to borrow with the aim of developing infrastructure, establishing projects and developing health. Even worse, the US companies are tasked with building and developing these projects. Of course, the loans are of great interest that increases with the passage of years and becomes difficult for the state to repay.

The economic killer's way of controlling countries

  Then comes the second part of the plan. As long as these countries are burdened with debts that are impossible for them to pay, they become an easy target and prey for the United States of America. To use it whenever you want, especially in the United Nations or the Security Council or in any international vote on any issue related to the security and interest of America. Or the exploitation of its resources at very low prices and linking them to contracts for the exploitation of resources for tens of years. The importance of the country targeted by the economic killer increases with its importance in the world and the amount of resources it possesses, especially oil 

4-They kill countries without a drop of blood 

 All this movie takes place without a single drop of blood or a single bullet being fired without a single soldier moving. America is playing a very smart game and it knows that the best time to enslave a country is when it is in dire need of help, and as the Joker says if you are good at something What don't you do for free? 

 This can be summed up in what John Perkins himself said: “What we hackers of economy do well is to build a global empire; We are an elite of men and women who use international financial organizations to create situations that subject other nations to the monopoly of the corporatism that runs our large corporations, our government, and our banks.”

 Among the first countries targeted by John Perkins were Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Iraq and Iran  

Confessions of an economic killer

5-Saudi Arabia is the first victim of John Perkins 

 With regard to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it was the bold step taken by King Faisal in 1973. After Congress approved urgent military aid to support Israel in the amount of $2.2 billion, some Arab countries, the most important of which was Saudi Arabia, revolted to order King Faisal to cut off oil from Western countries and America as a form of pressure. In the famous incident, of course, this movement was not swallowed up by the Americans, and they kept thinking about it day and night, planning not to repeat it.

In a hurry, the economic killer Perkins was sent to Saudi Arabia to start a negotiation process, proposing investments worth millions of dollars to develop the entire Saudi infrastructure and investments in the energy sector. Which was under the supervision of the US Treasury Department, and its aim was to finance US companies that would be publicized for projects and infrastructure development with Saudi funds.   

 The main objective of all this diabolical plan was not to flood the Saudi Kingdom with debts because it is easy for them to pay it in a few few years due to the huge oil revenues, but the idea is to take revenge on the bold plan of King Faisal to cut off oil, and recover all the money that America lost because of that step and more than that. He is making a plan to not repeat this incident

 Where “Perkins” says that the plan was to price oil in dollars to America, in exchange for a pledge by the White House to fully protect the Queen. “Perkins” said in his interview with “Russia Today” channel: “The American intervention in the Kuwait war was a manifestation of this agreement after he threatened” Saddam Hussein. “Thrones of the Royal Families in the Gulf” 

6-Iraq was the second target of the economic killer 

 Iraq is one of the Arab countries most targeted by economic killers after Saudi Arabia Iraq is a profitable and great deal for the Americans because of its strategic location and its oil wealth, which is the largest in the entire region. Profitable deals made with Saudi Arabia

Confessions of an economic killer

7-Unfortunately, Saddam Hussein refused everything.   

 Perkins says about Iraq: 'The end of Saddam Hussein, like the end of Noriega in Panama, will change the equation. Some critics have questioned why Bush attacked Iraq instead of focusing all of our resources on going after al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. Could it be the view of this administration - this oil family - that securing our oil wills, and finding justifications for building contracts, are more important than fighting terrorism?' Then he asks: 'How many of our people know like me that Saddam Hussein would have remained in power if he had accepted the role that Before the Saudis? We would have accepted his missiles and chemical plants; We would have built it for him, and for our community to take charge of its modernization and maintenance. It would have been a very sweet deal - as was Saudi Arabia'.

 The Iraqi refusal and the lack of submission to the US deals and offers was a sufficient justification to devise a plan to overthrow Iraq by all possible means. The events of September 11 and the Iraq-Kuwait war opened the door of hell to Iraq.

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