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Rare photos reveal the other "invisible" side of things! I Rare photos reveal a different side to history


  While the world we live in makes us distract us from looking at the simplest things around us, in this article we highlight rare and detailed images that show the unseen and unnoticeable side of things around us.

1-Rare photos reveal the invisible side of things

  From a macro shot revealing the feathers of a penguin, to discovering a rainbow cloud! Here is a special collection of photos that reveal to you the beauty of the many ordinary - or so we think - around us!

 When it's cold enough, you can see the melody!

This is what the sunset looks like from space!
rainbow clouds in india
White blood cells after they are isolated from the blood and genetically modified, and this technology is used in the treatment of cancer. This therapeutic technique is known as T-cell immunotherapy
Not a watercolor. What you see is a snowy mountain turned upside down!

Albino peacock “has albinism, where there is no color”

Bioluminescent phytoplankton in the Persian Gulf

Snow eggs - this rare phenomenon occurs when ice is rolled by wind and water (Northern Finland)
Aspen Forest, Colorado

Highway to Heaven. 30 seconds of long exposure to an aircraft leaving the runway

The sun hit this newly paved runway and formed a realistic rainbow road through polarized lenses.

Horses on a plane
Penguin feather density
Astronaut Bruce McCandless swims away from the space shuttle

A red rainbow appears at midnight in Finland