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Best Drawing Apps For Painters And Art Lovers

best drawing apps

 If you are a drawing enthusiast or a fan of arts in all its forms, you may want to keep one of the drawing applications that we have attached in the article as a kind of entertainment, develop your skill and gain positive energy in your spare time.

 From an engaging digital painting experience to social media designed specifically for artists, these apps will help you create and share your own art or discover the work of others, from hobbyists to art masters in modern history.

5-Best drawing apps for art lovers 

1- Google Arts & Culture

google arts and culture

 Although the app was launched in 2016, Google Arts & Culture hit the app stores early last year when its developer added a tool that connects art history with the zeitgeist.

 Art Selfie is the app's new tool that uses artificial intelligence and face matching software to match your face to popular artwork.

 The app also gives you the ability to see works of art that you might not be able to see in person, by browsing museums with virtual tours.

 Last December, the app added another feature, "Pocket Gallery", which relies on augmented reality to view the 36 works of the famous Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer.

2-Procreate Pocket

procreate pocket

 The popular digital art app, long favored by artists, and named Best App of 2018 by the Apple App Store.

 The app includes more than 135 pre-made brushes that allow you to create masterpieces on your phone, using tools that simulate materials such as gouache, grape charcoal, murals or turpentine.

 The iOS Drawing app allows you to easily switch brushes, undo rogue marks, develop custom color palettes, and switch between layers of canvas, while Responsive Touch mimics the analog work of drawing and painting, as pressing more firmly on the screen produces heavier lines. is designed to help designers and artists organize images, links, videos and other media into groups called “channels”.

 You can save channels within larger channels, make them private or public, and easily share them with your peers. Most importantly, it is free from ads, algorithms, and likes that have become synonymous with social media platforms. helps users connect with their peers while keeping the focus on ideas, collaboration and creative thinking.

4-Just a Line

just a line

 The application allows you to create simple line drawings on your phone that appear to hover in a real space in front of you using augmented reality technology.


paste apps

 This app offers a unique feature which is the ability to make simple line drawings on your phone to make it look like it's hovering in a real space in front of you.

 You can record videos of the in-app graphics creation process to share later, or play fun games with your friends using the app.

FiftyThree released the app in 2017 to help art lovers create beautiful slideshows.

 This application allows you to turn photos, videos, screenshots, and other media into slides, without the need for tedious formats.

 Paste is an ideal tool for creating a wide variety of presentations, from mood boards to design proposals, portfolios, and lectures.