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scary clowns motel tonopah | TONOPAH CEMETERY 🤡


scary clowns motel tonopah  | TONOPAH CEMETERY

  If you are a strong-hearted person who likes to experience spooky and spooky things, spend a night at the Dubious Clowns Hotel, which is located in Tonopah Town in the middle of the Nevada desert, USA. It is not only the smiling clowns dolls that fill the place that frighten, but also The presence of an abandoned cemetery next to the hotel increases the dread and terror!

  The Clowns Hotel has been the perfect hangout for highway truck and motorway drivers for decades, but many clownophobes have avoided stopping, even at the cost of driving extra miles without a break in the Nevada desert. 

Clowns Hotel, the perfect place to test your bravery! 

scary clowns motel tonopah  | TONOPAH CEMETERY

  Perhaps the first thing that attracts the attention of hotel guests is the large light board in the form of a clown, which receives customers on the road, as it is more like a warning sign than a welcome sign! In addition to hundreds of clown dolls arranged inside the hotel that stare at the customer as soon as he steps into the hotel lobby! 

scary clowns motel tonopah  | TONOPAH CEMETERY

  Dozens of clown dolls are arranged on the shelves, and others are sitting on the benches in the hall, apart from the paintings and statues plastered on the walls, all causing suspicion in the minds of everyone who enters the place, so that many customers flee the place after taking a short tour of his room due to the suspicion And fear in them!

 The only consolation for the guests is that the bedrooms are almost devoid of clowns, but the doors of the rooms are decorated with huge pictures of clowns, as well as a small picture above the bed!

scary clowns motel tonopah  | TONOPAH CEMETERY

  And if the clowns are not the ones who terrorize the inmates, the cemetery does! Where the Tonopah cemetery is located next to the hotel, and the cemetery has existed since 1901 AD and was filled by 1911 AD, and it contains about 300 graves, including 14 bodies of the 17 miners who died in a terrible fire that broke out underground 104 years ago, as well as The bodies of the local people who died due to the plague that spread in 1902 AD in the area under mysterious circumstances.

scary clowns motel tonopah  | TONOPAH CEMETERY

  Given the amount of horror surrounding the place, it's no wonder that many clown hotel guests find it difficult to sleep and get a quiet night in their rooms, as hotel owner "Bob Brechetti" recounted that many guests ask him to remove the image of the clown in their bedrooms or cover it with a cloth, Also, one of the guests complained that he woke up and saw a clown sitting next to his bed and staring at him, so he tried to wipe his eyes to confirm what he saw, but the clown is still there! Then he suddenly disappeared into the air, he said, and it seems that the suspicious atmosphere surrounding the place plays its role in influencing the subconscious of some inmates who suffer from clown phobia!

scary clowns motel tonopah  | TONOPAH CEMETERY

   The strange thing is that you rarely find a vacant room in a hotel! Hotel rooms are often fully booked! And if you're planning to spend a night at the hotel, you can find it on the outskirts of Tonopah, a small town of 2,500 people located on the highway between Las Vegas and Reno, have fun!     

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