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9 Bizarre Wedding Traditions From Around The World


bizarre wedding

 There are some seriously weird wedding traditions around the world. Don’t believe us? Wait till you see what we’ve cooked up. 

 What comes to your mind when you think of weddings? Happy bride? A father leading his daughter down the aisle? Married sweating / crying / passing out? Drunk uncles dance passionately to "Don't Stop Believing"? Women scratching, scratching and stabbing to get their hands on the slandered bride's bouquet? The bride smashes the strong cake in the face of her new husband?

 Weddings are a matter of tradition, and if you've been to an American wedding you've seen at least some of the above events happen at least once.

 But if you travel the world, you will discover traditions that make the above traditions so natural. I mean, we're talking about serious stuff, "Oh my God, this is really weird." 

1-Throwing the newlyweds in the trash!

Throwing the newlyweds in the trash

 In Scotland, residents believe that throwing rotten eggs, fish and rubbish to the happy couple will help them stand the test of time!

 The theory is that if the couple can stand up to this challenge, their marriage will survive! 

2-In the Congo, smiling is forbidden!

In the Congo, smiling is forbidden!

 Usually, we associate weddings with big, happy smiles. It is natural that this smile does not disappear from the face of the bride and groom throughout the happy ceremony. 

But in the Congo, newlyweds are not allowed to smile at all, not even a slight chuckle.   

Why? Because if they smile, it means that they are not sure about their wedding. After all, you simply cannot trust people who smile a lot!

3-Chicken liver test in China

Chicken liver test in China

 One of the strangest wedding traditions ever is that you have to kill a chicken to set your wedding date! This is what is happening in some villages in China.

 That's not all, you need to check the liver closely! If your liver appears healthy, you can book an appointment. If not, you need to look for a healthy chicken.

 This tradition is carried out in some Chinese villages and is still inherited and practiced even today. 

4-the crying bride

bizarre wedding

 For the Tujia people in China, laughter is not the norm of a bride. On the contrary, for an entire month before the wedding, she is encouraged to cry for an hour a day. 

5-Prevent the newlyweds from relieving themselves! 

 In Borneo, the tribes do not allow the bride and groom to leave their room for an entire day, not even to use the restroom!

 Residents believe that it brings good luck to the newlyweds and promises a long-term marriage. 

6-Bride kidnapping!

bizarre wedding

 In some villages in China, bridesmaids do not allow the groom to meet his wife that easily, but rather subject him to long and ridiculous tests before he gets her!

 Where the bride is hidden and the groom is asked to perform strange tasks and test several mysterious circumstances from untraceable calls to hidden notes until he finally gets what he wants. 

7-One of the amazing marriage traditions in India, marrying a tree!

bizarre wedding

 In parts of India, girls born during periods of astrology are said to have been cursed. This curse will lead to the early death of their husbands.

 The only way to break this curse is for the girl to marry a tree first, as it is cut down, apparently breaking the curse! 

8-hit feet 

 In South Korea, a husband's endurance is tested the night before his wedding by hitting his old with fish and sticks! 

9-breaking plates

bizarre wedding

 At traditional German weddings, guests bring some type of porcelain to the bride and groom and then proceed to smash the ceramic bowls.

There is a tradition that smashing these utensils will drive away and frighten evil spirits!

 What doesn't seem very fun is that the bride and groom are expected to clean up the mess next so they learn that married life isn't always easy, but that they can overcome any challenge together.

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