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10 Things You Didn’t Know Your EarPods and AirPods Could Do



 If you only use Airpods to listen to music and make calls, you are missing out on the same many features that can be done with this gadget!

1-taking pictures 

taking pictures

 When the Camera app is open, pressing either volume button on your Apple headphones will take a photo.

2-Pause the music

Pause the music

  It's common knowledge that the end buttons on the iPhone's headphones can turn up or down the volume of the music, but the middle button has its uses as well.

  Pressing it once stops the music, pressing again it resumes again, and the song will start playing again.

3-Skip mp3 clips while listening

Skip mp3 clips while listening

 Do you want to skip a track in your playlist? You don't have to take your iPhone out of your pocket to do this.

Simply press the middle button on the speakers, and your device will skip to the next song.

4-Ask Siri on AirPods

Ask Siri on AirPods

  Do you have a burning question for Siri? Hold down the middle button and ask your question. The iPhone headphones have a microphone designed to stay close to your mouth, so they can "hear you".

 Released in 2019, the second generation of iProds wireless headphones features always-on voice recognition.

5-Receive another call

Receive another call

If your phone starts ringing while listening to music, press the middle button to answer. 

 Got another call while you're still on the phone? Clicking the middle button itself will do the trick. The first caller will be on hold while talking to the second.

6-Switch between calls

Switch between calls

 To go back to the caller on the first call, press the center button once to go back to your original call.

7-Ignore an incoming call with AirPods

Ignore an incoming call with AirPods

 Don't worry if you don't want to receive that call, hold down the middle button for a few seconds to ignore the call.

 You'll know it worked when you hear two beeps. Do the same to send the second caller to voicemail when you're on the line with another call.

8-end a call

end a call

 Once you're done chatting, simply click the Apple EarPods middle button once to end the call.

9-Using AirPods as a Hearing Aid

Using AirPods as a Hearing Aid

If you sometimes have trouble hearing, AirPods 2nd generation may be able to help.

 Apple added a new feature called Live Listen in iOS12. Put your phone close to the person you want to hear, and your AirPods will then pick up the person's voice.

10-Pairing with other non-Apple devices

Pairing with other non-Apple devices

 If most of your devices aren't made by Apple, you can still use AirPods with them. The second generation allows you to pair AirPods with Android phones, computers, and TVs.

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