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10 strangest balanced rocks in the world!


strangest balanced rocks

 Are you good at balance challenges? Like standing motionless with ten books above your head without falling? How long can you hold out? A few seconds or minutes? Most likely not more than that! This difficult art has been mastered by a number of balanced rocks that have maintained their balance despite the surrounding conditions for millions of years!

 Somehow, these rocks look like they are about to fall and collapse, yet no human has been able to move them yet!

 These wonderful creations attracted tourists and geologists all over the world. According to geologists, some of them may have eroded over time, so take a look at them before they disappear!

The strangest balanced rocks from around the world!

1-Kummakivi rock - a rock that is balanced on top of another rock

kummakivi rock

 The seven-meter tall boulder desperately tries to balance one another. The two rocks form part of this formation. The bottom rock has a smooth and curved surface. And half of the bottom rock is submerged in the soil, so it has a strong foundation.

 The upper rock is not smooth. It is huge in size. Surprisingly, there is only one very small point of contact between both rocks.

 According to Finnish folklore, Heisei, a species of giant, placed these rocks. Geologists have a different interpretation. In the opinion of geologists, glacial retreat led to the formation of these rocks.

 When glaciers retreated from the region to the north about 12,000 years ago, this rock was left behind.

 This occurs when a glacier melts and slowly flows downhill. Rising temperatures and reduced snowfall are among the main causes of glacier retreat.

A retreating glacier loses more water than it gains, and thus causes sea level to rise.

2-Balanced Pillar of Long Island

balanced pillar

 This nine-meter vertical rock is a natural geological formation, overlooking Saint Mary's Bay in Nova Scotia.

 Although many other rocks like this have collapsed in the past due to erosion, not this basalt.

 About 200 million years ago, in the Triassic period, molten rock, or lava, originated from the depths of the Earth and spread across the surface.

 This phenomenon divided the supercontinent Pangea and opened the Atlantic Ocean. As the hot lava cooled, it formed multiple column-like structures of basalt.

 Finally, weather and erosion led to the construction of balancing rocks such as those in St. Mary's Bay.

3-Balanced rock garden

balanced rock garden

 This balanced rock is a creative formation in Colorado Springs, and weighs approximately 700 tons.

 The rock was formed from red sandstone and is about 290 million years old. Its formation began when the liquid form of the sedimentary sandstone roared from within the earth.

 The strength of this rock has been tested over time, especially during earthquakes. However, it did not fall.

 This helps geologists collect and predict earthquake data. The researchers took pictures of the rock and built 3D models so they could simulate the earthquake shaking needed to bring it down. The results showed that severe earthquakes were less frequent than previously estimated.

4-Idol Rock - Briham Rocks

idol rock

It is a stunning group of unsettled sandstone rocks in North Yorkshire, England.

 One of these rocks is Idol Rock, also called "Druid's Idol", with a height of about 4.5 meters and a weight of 200 tons.

 This massive structure is located at the top of a small pyramidal base. For years, locals believed that these figures were carved by the ancient British.

 However, research has proven that it is a common myth. These are natural formations created by the combined action of ice and concentrated melt water.

5-Krishna Butterball

krishna butterball

Located in Tamil Nadu, India, this huge rock is 6 meters high and weighs about 250 tons.

 Surprisingly enough, it stands on a four-foot-tall pedestal on a slippery hill. This gigantic balanced boulder is part of the Mamallapuram Group of Monuments, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 In the past, many Kings tried to move the rock but to no avail. The balance of this stone inspired the Indian Tamil king Raja Chola and led to the creation of the clay dolls that never fall off called 'Tanjavur Bhumai'.

 These dolls have a hemispherical base that tends to return to its original position every time one tries to drop it.

6-Pinnacle Rock

pinnacle rock

 A giant quartzite rock in the Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona. It is a popular destination and a favorite place to take pictures for tourists.

 The boulder is a sandstone formation that rises above the surrounding terrain. About twenty-seven million years ago, a massive volcanic eruption expelled thick, white, hot ash.

 Later, it was cooled and hardened to form rocks. With the help of weather and erosion, the rock was sculpted to look like it does today.

7-Arches Rock Balanced

arches rock balanced

 This impressive balance rock, 29 meters high and 3,600 tons in weight, is one of the most interesting balanced rocks in Arches National Park.

 This rock consists of two different rock formations. The upper red-pink rock is Entrada Sandstone, and the second stone is part of the Caramel Formation. The bottom gigantic structure is made of mudstone.

8-chrimba balanced rocks

chrimba balanced rocks

Huge blocks of granite are stacked on top of each other, forming beautiful shapes.

 These rocks were declared a national monument in 1994. According to the official website, these rocks represent the peace and stability of the nation's economy. Therefore, these stone formations are copied on ancient Zimbabwean banknotes.

9-Golden Rock - Myanmar

golden rock - myanmar

 A popular pilgrimage site for Buddhists in Myanmar. This massive, balanced rock has a diameter of 25 meters and is located on the edge of a 914-meter-high hill.

 The height of the pagoda above the rock is about seven meters. This giant rock is completely independent of the base, and has a very small contact area with the base.

 To match the golden pagoda, the entire balance rock was covered with gold leaf. Among the strong beliefs associated with this shrine is that those who make a pilgrimage to this shrine three times a year enjoy prosperity, recognition and respect.

10-Haida Gwaii Balanced Rock

haida gwaii balanced rock

 This well-balanced rock in Haida Gwaii, Canada has attracted tourists for decades. This huge rock stands right next to the ocean. Surprisingly, the huge waves could not move the rock yet. Although there is no evidence, it may have formed due to retreating ice. 

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