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Black September.. 7 events that shook the world..



 The month of September is a turning point for many countries around the world. Throughout history, that month witnessed many political events, which were a turning point in subsequent global events, in addition to many tragic events and wars, passing through many natural disasters, which claimed many lives. .

 The month of September in particular witnessed a number of events, the most important of which was the fall of the Pharaonic rule of Egypt and the attack on the World Trade Center towers.

1-The fall of the pharaonic rule of Egypt

the fall of the pharaonic rule of egypt

 The rule of the pharaohs officially ended for Egypt on September 2, 31 BC, after the naval battle of Actium, in which Queen Cleopatra VII, Queen of Egypt was defeated, and the beginning of the Roman occupation of Egypt, and the rule of the Ptolemaic state fell.

 The Ptolemaic rulers considered themselves an extension of the pharaohs, and for the first time in its history turned it into a province belonging to the Roman Empire.

2-Orabi revolution

orabi revolution

 It is the revolution that Ahmed Orabi led in the period 1879-1882 against Khedive Tawfiq and foreign interference in Egypt and was called at that time the Orabi Houja.

 The participation of the Egyptian people with all its sects as a result of the growth of national awareness and the people’s discontent with the poor economic conditions, and Riyad Pasha’s harsh treatment of the Egyptians. .

3-British occupation of Egypt

british occupation of egypt

 The British occupation of Egypt began in September, when the Battle of the Great Hill took place on September 13, 1882. It was the last confrontation between the Egyptian army led by the leader Ahmed Orabi and the British army. The occupation army defeated the Egyptian army, after Khedive Tawfiq helped the occupation forces.

 The British occupation of Egypt remained until Britain issued the unilateral declaration of the independence of Egypt in 1922, then the Egyptian-English treaty of 1934, and the gradual control returned to the King of Egypt. It is also actually in control of the fate of things, and it retained its control over the Suez Canal area until their withdrawal from it in 1956 after 72 years.

4-World War II

world war 2

 It is an international war and a bloody conflict, and is considered the largest, largest and bloodiest in history, and the month of September is the icon of this war, as it began on September 1, 1939, and ended in September as well, but on September 2, 1945, and the vast majority of the world’s countries participated This war resulted in millions of lives and losses.

 The Second World War began with the spread of Italian fascism in 1920, and with the emergence of the Japanese military and the invasion of China in 1930, and the political takeover by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party for him and its aggressive foreign policy, in 1933, and on the first day of September 1939, Germany invaded Poland, which called for Britain and France declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939, all of this led to the outbreak of World War II, which lasted for 6 years and was the most devastating in world history.

 As the war victims (dead, wounded, displaced) reached more than 80 million people, and consequently led to a significant shortage of labor, low births and a change in the age hierarchy of countries.

5-September 11 events

september 11 events

 The worst accident in the history of the United States on September 11, 2001, recalls the scene of aircraft crashing into the World Trade Center towers, where two civilian passenger planes were hijacked, heading towards the trade towers and colliding with them in a violent scene.

 The first plane crashed into one of the Trade Center towers, causing a big hole in its facade. Then, about 18 minutes later, the other plane crashed into the second tower of the World Trade Center, causing a huge explosion. The first tower began to collapse, leaving a huge cloud of dust and smoke, and within half an hour of the collapse of the first tower, the second tower collapsed.

 The victim of that accident killed thousands of people, estimated at about 2,973 dead, in addition to thousands of wounded and injured, and many of the injured were exposed to cancer due to air pollution and tons of emitted dust and toxic fumes, and that accident became the turning point and the beginning of a new stage in history, because of its cause The repercussions after that are still going on.

6-The execution of Omar Mukhtar

the execution of omar mukhtar

 On September 11, 1931, the Libyan Mujahid Omar al-Mukhtar was arrested, and a few days later, on the 16th of the same month, 1931, he was executed.

 Omar al-Mukhtar, nicknamed the Lion of the Desert and the Sheikh of the Mujahideen, is one of the most famous resistance to jihad between Arabs and Muslims. A lot, and despite the short period, his father was able to raise him an Islamic upbringing derived from the teachings of the Qur’an and the honorable Sunnah of the Prophet.

7-The collapse of the Grand Mosque crane

the collapse of the grand mosque

 On September 11, 2015, with the beginning of the Hajj season and the presence of a large number of pilgrims, a crane fell in the Great Mosque of Mecca, killing about 107 people and about 400 wounded, and many newspapers at the time indicated that the accident was due to the prevailing weather, where it was The country is going through sandstorms, winds and heavy rain, which made Saudi Arabia declare alertness and preparedness for the bad weather conditions that the country is going through.