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10 Types of Tourism You’ve Never Heard of



 People find different reasons to travel; Most of them go on a trip to relax, go on an adventure, or explore a new country. But some people find a weird and wonderful motivation to travel! Therefore, the types of tourism vary according to the purpose of travel.

In this article, we review 10 types of tourism that you may not have heard of before!

Types of tourism, which of these types do you travel for?

1-arc tourism

arc tourism

 If you want to become a connoisseur of this genre, just throw an arrow on the map and see where it will fall - this is your travel destination.

 This type of tourism is random and involves adventure and exploring places you may not have been before!

2-monopoly tourism

monopoly tourism

 Tourists fly to their destination and buy a local copy of Monopoly. Then they visit the places on the Monopoly board. To decide where to visit first, the Monopoly tourists roll the dice!

3-reverse tourism

reverse tourism

 In this type, tourists travel to famous sites but when they get there, they turn their backs on the site and focus instead on the surroundings.

 For example, when standing at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, you can take pictures and explore the square and surrounding gardens without giving the tower any attention.

4-Alphabet Tourism

alphabet tourism

 With Alphabet Tourism, you arrive at your destination and take out your map; Then you go to the index and find the first and last streets listed alphabetically.

 Then draw a line on your map from the first street to the last and then walk between the two to explore anything you come across along the way.

5-Air tourism

air tourism

 Have you ever wanted to travel somewhere but didn't have the time or money? Well, air tourism is a good option! Aviation experts go to an airport and explore it from top to bottom without actually getting on a plane!

6-atomic tourism

atomic tourism

 This type of tourism involves visiting places whose history has been linked to nuclear accidents, such as missile sites.

 One of the destinations for atomic tourism is the Nevada Test Site in Nevada, and the other is the Chernobyl region. You can visit the ghost town of Pripyat in Ukraine; Hiroshima and atomic museums including the Hanford site in Washington, the X-10 graphite reactor in Tennessee and the Obnibsk Nuclear Power Plant in Russia.

7-Orphans Tourism

orphans tourism

 Wealthy Westerners usually visit orphanages in third world countries or underprivileged regions. The purpose is to contribute to the funding of orphanages, to raise awareness, and sometimes for adoption.

Popular tourist destinations for orphanages are India, Ukraine and South America.

8-disaster tourism

disaster tourism

 You can visit sites where natural or man-made disasters have occurred. Sometimes the tourists who visit these places do more harm than good, and other times disaster tourism can bring in volunteers and encourage donations to aid recovery.

9-industrial tourism

industrial tourism

 If you are interested in industrial tourism, you will want to visit places where a certain industry thrives. For example, cheese producing towns in the Netherlands and chocolate factories in Belgium.

 Recently, industrial history sites have become an offshoot of industrial tourism with tours visiting former coal mines and factories.

 The United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Japan and Germany are among the leaders in industrial tourism.

10-SetJetting Tourism

setjetting tourism

 In this genre, tourists usually visit famous filming locations, such as the set of Harry Potter and the Game of Thrones series.

 When the tourist arrives at his destination, he can participate in the activities related to the movie if available. 


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