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8- Unconventional and strange airlines


strange airlines

 In addition to providing the routine services provided by any airline to passengers on board, some airlines have been distinguished by providing strange or unique services to attract customers! 

 Some of these services are a traveler's dream! In this article, we review 8 of those companies that provided the strangest services to passengers on board!

8 airlines that provided the strangest services to travelers!

1-Samoa Air charges a fee for the weight of the passenger!

samoa air charges

 Samoa Air operates charter flights and medical transportation in and out of Samoa, and scheduled flights from local islands to American Samoa.

 The unique feature of this airline is that it used to charge passengers based on their weight. It is the first airline in the world to do so! The company appears to have ceased operations in 2015.

2-An airline went bankrupt for being very generous with its customers!

an airline went bankrupt

 Kenneth Moss started the airline called Freelandia in 1973, and operated for a year. As a result of being not-for-profit, the company was low-cost.

Where there were travel club provisions and members were eligible for low rates.

 Another interesting part of the airline was that the service on board consisted of organic food and aquariums. Passengers were served organic bread, vegetarian meals, cheese and homemade soup.

 The airline was forced to end its operations at the beginning of 1974 as a result of the 1973 oil crisis.

3-Worst airline ever!

worst airline ever

 North Korea has its own airline, Air Koryo, which happens to be the only airline with a one-star rating according to Skytrax as of 2014. The company has held this rating for four consecutive years.

 Although North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been trying to polish the company's image for a long time, the results have always been the same.

 The airline hasn't bought a new plane in 20 years despite the poor condition of the existing planes.

 In 2006, the airline's fleet was banned from European Union airspace due to maintenance and safety concerns.

4-Pineapple allowed on Hawaiian Airlines

pineapple allowed on hawaiin

 Hawaiian Airlines allows passengers to bring prepackaged boxes of fruit under three conditions: First, the fruit must be either processed pineapple or papaya. Second, the weight of the box should not exceed 10 lbs. And third, the box must be checked in advance.

5-The airline that hasn't flown a passenger in 30 years

the airline USglobal

 Baltia Airlines, now known as US Global Airways, was founded in August 1989. It was a public company that began with the goal of carrying passengers from New York City to the then-Soviet Union.

 The company obtained permission to travel from New York to Leningrad and Riga. But the founder Igor Dmitrovsky took a long time to make certain decisions that delayed their adoption.

 Because of this, the company obtained certificates to travel to a few places in 1996, and did not have the required capital to operate during that time.

 In 2007, the company received capital and again submitted to travel from New York to St. Petersburg. It also purchased a Boeing 747-200 for Pakistan International Airlines. But the plane had no engines, and it ended up losing $1.6 million.

 In 2017, the airline revealed its intention to rebrand and changed the name to US Global Airways, and announced plans to simplify the process for obtaining aviation certification.

 Although she has been in the field for 29 years, she has failed all certification exams seven times in a row.

 On January 24, 2018, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) revoked the airline's certification of general fitness. So, for nearly 30 years, the airline has never made a single flight.

6-Janet Airlines - The Most Secretive Airline Ever

janet airlines

 Janet Airlines is one of the most secretive airlines operating out of McCarran Airport in Las Vegas.

 The company's fleet of aircraft transports contractors and government workers to and from a secret Nevada national site nicknamed "Area 51."

 Because of the company's clandestine trips, little information is available about them, and all that is known about them is that they transport employees to secret national security sites in Nevada.

7-Nepal Airlines is the worst airline in terms of safety

nepal airlines

 In 2015, Skytrax, an aviation advisory platform, rated Nepal Airlines only two stars due to the poor quality of services on board.

 Not only that, but the company's safety record is the worst as its planes experienced frequent accidents until they were banned by the European Union in 2013.

 The funny thing is that the company's engineers resort to sacrificing goats to get closer to the Hindu gods to solve the problems of its planes!

8-Massage and fine dining on La Compagnie France

la compagne france

 La Compagnie describes its aircraft as "innovative aircraft" as all of its current aircraft offer 100% business class service.

 The airline's aircraft seats feature 175-degree reclining, built-in massage services, reading lights, electronic sockets and headphone jacks.

 The company also provides hypoallergenic pillows, blankets and travel toiletries at no additional charge.

 For in-flight entertainment, each passenger receives a tablet. They can watch movies, TV series, news and even read their favorite books and magazines.

 Moreover, the food is prepared and curated by the famous chef Christophe Langerie, whose restaurant has a Michelin star.