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9 - Crazy Tik Tok challenges with dangerous or deadly effects


craey tiktok challenge

 Recently, Tik Tok challenges have become a popular activity among teenagers specifically, and are very popular on various levels.

 Despite the serious injuries suffered by the owners of these challenges while trying to do them, but it remained "Trendy" for many weeks!

Young people looking for fame and influence usually continue to take on these challenges as they are dangerous in the first place, even though they risk becoming the next victim!

The most dangerous tik tok challenges ever!

1-Choking Challenge

choking challenge

 The basic idea of the challenge is for one person to press so hard on another person's chest that they partially lose consciousness to a brief euphoria that follows a desperate gasping for air.

 The game reached its peak in 2017, and since then it has emerged as a serious challenge on many social media platforms, including Tik Tok.

 The risks associated with the challenge of suffocation amount to brain cell damage due to lack of oxygen, and sometimes death.

2-fire challenge

fire challenge

 You might be wondering why a sane person would take part in a challenge whose idea is to set you on fire! However, many teens find it fun and a shortcut to fame!

 Simply put, participants in the challenge smear their bodies with a flammable substance, then ignite a heat source nearby and begin documenting the effects!

 This challenge often results in first or second degree burns, and videos have gone viral of many teenagers suffering severe burns due to the ridiculous challenge!

3-skull fracture challenge

skull fracture challenge

 The Skull Breaker Challenge is the craziest and most dangerous Tik Tok challenge! The challenge has already proven dangerous after a Venezuelan teenager ends up in the intensive care unit with a skull fracture.

 To perform the challenge, two people block a third by hitting him on the back of his legs simultaneously to flip back and hit his head directly on the ground!

 Without further explanation, the head often receives a strong blow from hitting the ground, and in the simplest cases this results in a concussion!

4-electrical outlet challenge

electrical outlet challenge

 It seems that Tik Tok challenges are declining in the level of security, and the organizers are deliberately creating dangerous challenges in order to get more views!

 This challenge is also very popular among the teens who make up the majority of users of the controversial Tik Tok application!

 To perform the serious challenge, people use a phone charger partially plugged into the wall, then touch the exposed part of the charger's exposed prongs with a metal penny, creating a large spark.

 The challenge has already caused the destruction of school holdings and other property damage in the United States.

5-Hot water pouring challenge

hot water challenge

 Another serious challenge that can lead to severe burns and injuries is the hot water challenge that has been around for a while.

Back in 2017, an 8-year-old girl died after trying this challenge!

 Recently, the same challenge appeared again and gained popularity despite the very obvious danger in it!

 The difference between the old and the modern version of it is that the old one involves drinking hot water through a straw. The new challenge, during which participants pour hot water on themselves or others, causing severe burns.

6-Ghost Pepper Eating Challenge

ghost pepper eating challenge

 If you are a fan of spicy food, you might like to try the chili challenge known as the ghost pepper! But this challenge had disastrous results for many teenagers!

 Many of the participants in the chili eating challenges survived unharmed, but it depends on the type of pepper used which is often jalapeno or cayenne, but not ghost pepper!

 Ghost pepper causes many serious health problems such as persistent vomiting, esophageal rupture, difficulty breathing, severe pain and severe burning in the eyes, nose and mouth, it is not a wise choice to show off your skills and get views!

7-concussion challenge

concussion challenge

 This challenge has been a popular Tik Tok challenge for a long time! Also referred to as “How do I cause a concussion?”

 This dumb challenge requires participants to stand in a circle with a camera pointing upwards, then throw something rather heavy into the air over their heads.

 The goal of the challenge is to stay in place and not run away before this thing falls on them! Certainly many injuries resulted from this kind of challenge!

8-Tide powder eating challenge

tide powder eating challenge

 In case you were wondering, eating soap in any form, no matter how colorful, is not a good idea. The complications of taking Tide Pods have led to serious health problems.

 This serious challenge began with a joke about sharing jokes and memes about the colors of the cute candy-like washcloths.

 It developed and some began to take these pills and photograph themselves. The challenge lasted for a period of time before receding due to the serious health effects it had known to all!

9-Ice and Salt Challenge

ice and salt challenge

 Fortunately, the salt and ice challenge hasn't been very popular since 2012. However, new videos of people trying it are always popping up, despite multiple reports condemning the practice.

 This challenge involves applying salt to damp skin and then pressing an ice cube onto the area. Whoever endures the longest emerges victorious, but he seldom wins unharmed.

 The resulting chemical reaction can lead to frostbite, first or second degree burns, and painful blisters.