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Why do we find it so hard to relax on holidays?

back to work,

 Weekdays pass in a hurry until it's time for vacation. Although we can't wait for the weekend, do you suffer from chronic stress and have a hard time unwinding during the holidays? If you are, you are not alone! You are one of the 47% of workers who can't relax during their days off!

Only 53% of employees and workers return to the office feeling relaxed after vacation

 The American Institute of Stress estimates that work stress costs the country's economy about $300 billion in lost productivity each year. According to research by online travel company Expedia, only 53% of employees reported feeling comfortable after returning to the office from vacation.

how i relax in holidays

 In the UK, there is a common syndrome called Saturday Syndrome, the mysterious tendency of workers to get sick in their spare time and holidays, and this is believed to be caused by a sudden cessation of stress.

 In the United States, a 60-hour work week usually doubles the risk of a heart attack.

Also in Japan, the term karoshi, which is sudden death due to overwork, is common.

 It seems that despite allocating two days off in the work week, many workers complain that it is difficult to enjoy vacation, and constantly think about work tasks even during vacation days!

 This is not limited to a specific country or geographic area, but is common to almost all employees and employees with different number of vacation days.

 It seems that the difficulty of enjoying vacation days is a common case for employees and workers, especially in light of working from home for many companies due to the new Corona virus conditions, as the home has turned into a work environment, which made it difficult to enjoy the vacation!

1-The sudden stop is the reason!

 While you're engrossed in answering emails and keeping up with your constant chores, it's suddenly the weekend and you're bound to enjoy your vacation!

 Your brain doesn't work that way! In fact, the sudden cessation of work, especially if you are one of those who double work at the end of his days so that you do not accumulate tasks during the holiday, unfortunately leads to negative results!

 As your brain is still connected to the state of work and performing tasks and it takes longer to get used to the new state of relaxation!

2-beach chair depression

beach chair depression,

 This term first appeared in 2004, and mainly refers to the symptoms of anxiety and tension associated with the difficulty of separating work tasks from rest days, which negatively affects the mood of the person and causes side effects often, such as muscle pain, headache, intestinal fluctuations and loss of appetite. or gluttony, etc.

3-That is why we find it difficult to separate work from days off!

how i calm after work,

 Scientists believe that hormones play a large role in these mood swings and loss of relaxation on our rest days.

 During work days, stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are secreted to counteract work pressures.

 As the flow of these hormones continues, the body becomes imbalanced so that these hormones continue to be secreted on rest days, which makes it very difficult to stop worrying when you are trying to.

How do you get rid of the tension of working days during your vacation?

 It takes getting used to and more practice. First, make sure you do your necessary and temporary tasks before the holidays come, this will prevent you from overthinking by then.

 Another thing is to plan in advance your vacation and how you intend to use it, as a kind of taming the brain on holiday activities so that it does not fall into a spiral of thinking and anxiety.

 Also, doing some types of exercises help you relax more, such as deep breathing, meditation, yoga, walking, knitting, and others.