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Top 5 YouTube Channels for Teaching Programming to Kids

teaching programming to kids

 Teaching programming to children has become a very urgent necessity at a time when various sciences have shifted to digitization, relying on coding and coding as a new language for work and communication in the future!

 Also, learning to code serves children's future career path, especially since the professions that are witnessing a rapid growth in demand and high salaries revolve around technology and programming.

teaching programming to kids

 If you are wondering about the best way to teach your child the basics of programming, in the article we review 5 YouTube channels that provide the best tips, tips and simple lessons for learning programming and coding.

The best YouTube channels to teach programming to children

  • Views: 5,510,013
  • Number of subscribers: 49.1 thousand subscribers

 This channel was created by Chris and Priya, with the aim of teaching kids how to code in a simple and fun way.

 Their method of teaching is fun, engaging and sometimes challenging, but is designed to enable children to love programming and love to think critically about how to solve technical problems.

 They also provide encoding classes as an extension. Their videos are updated regularly.

  • Views: 2,647,499,637
  • Number of subscribers: 14.8 million subscribers

TED-Ed does more than just teach kids coding. The focus is on coding.

 Although some of the lessons on the channel are geared toward older kids, it's still a great resource for teaching coding languages in simple and fun ways.

  • Views: 89,578,606
  • Number of subscribers: 1.31 million subscribers

 With new videos released every week, this channel is fully active with amazing content to teach kids how to code.

 Kids start learning how to code and progress through the step-by-step coding course. Soon, they can code in JavaScript, among other languages, and create algorithms such as computer vision and data visualization.

  • Views: 78,193,584
  • Number of subscribers: 352 thousand subscribers

 The channel offers great content to help your child learn programming in an easy and fun way. The site also seeks to include the program in children's core curriculum along with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

  • Views: 482,704
  • Number of subscribers: 2600 subscribers

 TechZonk offers an exciting and fun way to learn programming for kids. The channel contains a wealth of videos about coding and computer programming designed for all ages.

 All you have to do is to get the right playlist for your kid and let him enjoy these videos.

 Kids can learn how to create some simple games for fun, and they may be interested in pursuing this path as a career.