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The driver took her to the desert to rape her.. Watch how she escaped


 The Egyptian security services in the Giza Security Directorate revealed the details of the finding of the dead body of a tuk-tuk driver next to his vehicle; As it turned out that the crime was committed by a girl in her mid-twenties, who committed the crime in defense of her honor after the victim attempted to sexually assault her at gunpoint.

 According to Al-Bawaba News, the October 2 Police Department in the Giza Security Directorate received notification of emergency operations; that the body of a person was found dumped in the 11th district of the department. By moving and examining, it was found that the body of “Youssef M.” had been found. The driver of a tuk-tuk was killed by a window stab in the lower-left armpit, next to the vehicle he owned.

 a surprise

 Subsequently, a girl in her mid-twenties came to the office of the department. She admitted that she was behind the killing of the driver after she rode the motorcycle with him to deliver her. However, he took advantage of the fact that the place was empty of people, and veered his bike into the desert, pointing at her a white knickers weapon. With a trick, the girl managed to snatch her from his hand and embed her in his body, and she fled.

 The accused was detained, and all necessary legal measures were taken regarding the incident and referred to the Public Prosecution Office to conduct investigations.

 It is worth noting that, according to Egyptian law, if the story of the girl is proven, and that she was in a state of legitimate self-defense, she is acquitted of the murder charge.