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Why do some of us love Pets?

pets animal

 Dogs, cats, birds, and some other animals are kept as household pets. Reptiles and amphibians, when kept as pets, are kept in special glass enclosures. Many people keep fish as aquarium pets.

Have you ever wondered why we love pets? 

 A writer in The Independent explored the factors that make some people love pets such as cats and dogs, while others don't care at all.

 John Bradshaw wrote that nearly half of homes in Britain have a pet, which costs money and time for nothing.

 It is remarkable that during the global financial crisis in 2008, spending on pets in Britain did not decrease, which the writer sees as evidence that for most owners, pets are not just a means of luxury, but rather members of the family.

 The author says that the adoption of pets may be common in some families, and a study showed that there is a role that genes play in this matter.

 Recent studies have also shown that being friendly towards pets correlates with a person's interest in the natural world, so adopting pets may help us reconnect with nature.

 On the other hand, the writer points out that the allegations that the acquisition of pets is linked to their health benefits to their owners are inaccurate because there are studies that say that pets have no positive or negative impact on the health of their owners and that those who own them do not live longer, and therefore these Allegations are not enough to explain each other's love for pets.

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