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What are the things that AI cannot learn?


 Despite the great and frightening development that artificial intelligence has reached, it remains unable to perform some tasks, which is reassuring for those who fear that the machine will overcome the human being and seize all human jobs in the world.

 In fact, there are 10 very important things that artificial intelligence cannot do, no matter how advanced it is, and they are:

1. Logical thinking

 This term refers to the ability to use basic knowledge and understanding of the world to make logical conclusions and decisions. Artificial intelligence systems currently lack the ability to understand and apply common sense in the same way that humans can.

2. Understanding abstract concepts

 This means being able to understand and work with concepts that are intangible or physically present, such as love, justice, or morality.

3. Creativity

 It is the ability to generate new and innovative ideas or solutions. AI systems can be trained to create new content based on data patterns, but they lack the ability to be creative in the same way that humans can.

4. Tasks of emotions and consciousness

 AI systems do not have any emotions or awareness, they are unable to feel or experience emotions and they have no self-awareness.

5. Tasks involving complex and unstructured data

 AI systems can struggle with tasks that involve large amounts of unstructured data. These tasks often require the ability to understand and comprehend data in a manner similar to the way humans might do it.

6. Tasks that require empathy and compassion

 These are tasks that require understanding and responding to the emotional state of others. These systems remain just machines that do not feel and have no sensations.

7. Understand the context

 This refers to the ability to understand and interpret information in a way that is influenced by the context in which it is presented. AI systems cannot understand the nuances and idiosyncrasies of language and communication that are affected by context.

8. Tasks that require a lot of experience and intuition

 These are tasks that require a deep understanding of a subject that can only be gained through years of experience and intuition, such as a doctor's diagnosis of a complex medical condition.

9. Tasks that require understanding and interpretation of idiomatic expressions

 Idioms are phrases or expressions that cannot be understood simply by understanding the meanings of the words that make them up.

10. Tasks that require a logical understanding of the physical world

 Tasks that involve the ability to understand and navigate the physical world, such as walking down stairs or holding something without dropping it.

 All tasks and functions related to one of the aforementioned ten things cannot be taken over by AI. In other words, a machine will not replace a human in tasks that require emotion, intuition, and creative thinking.

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